John Foust Video

John Foust is a legend in Montana.

Probably outside Montana too.

Would not surprise me at all.

Almost nothing he says is true, yet I have been believing everything from his mouth since I met John in the late 90’s. john Arnold and I have both guided John with Freddy. The feller whom Foust named his west side famous fly pattern called the Freddy.

The Freddy is one of the first laminated foam flies with a fuzzy bottom.

Works like a champ.

Eastside too. John would fish with the Freddy ust to piss off the guide.

John Foust has spent a life in fly fishing. He was a meat cutter in his past life.

All who know John will also know Elna. His wife and keeper. She can control John about as much as a lion tamer.

Kidding aside, John and Elna are two quality people int ye fly fishing biz. If you have had a chance to meet John you will smile at this video. If you have not, see John in the Bitterrrot Valley educating not only young guides but anglers all.

Enjoy this short from Winston Greely and the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks Department.

John Foust Video
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