I think I wrote a post about Flydreamers a few years ago when they were just getting started. For those who are not familiar, Flydreamers is a social network centered around fly fishing. Based in South America, Flydreamers has a definite international flavor, with posts from all over the world.

When Flydreamers first popped onto the radar screen, I will admit that I wasn’t too optimistic that they would be around for long. Pretty cool site, but it was a bit clunky and somewhat limited.

I have to admit these guys have kept with it and obviously are hard workers. Flydreamers has constantly improved and now has online shopping, travel directories, a knowledge base and an massive library of videos, articles, etc. It is arguably one of the best and most entertaining fly fishing sites out there.

If you’re the guy or gal who is looking for Facebook, but only care about the fly fishing posts. check this out.

And kudos to the guys at Flydreamers for their hard and consistent work.

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