Friday Fly McCune Sculpin

Friday Fly McCune Sculpin & Fishing Report

Friday Fly McCune Sculpin

This fly looks good. I have not dunked it in the water.


This weekend could be the ticket. Great warm spring weather on tap. Flows nearly 6K. Not too much mud dumping from the feeder creeks. Most boat ramp accessible.

If you have not released your cabin fever yet why not come on out.

Fishing is damn good. Nymphing good. Streamer junkies laughing. The dry fly hunters getting enough action to buy a few rounds nightly. Swingers? Finding and getting tugs!

How most do not catch fish on the Mo spring months: Fishing the wrong water. Find the sexy water, and turn around fish the other direction. Soft, deep, inside lanes. Or, you might as well leave the net at home. Honest. You may be a great angler bro, but if you do not put your fly near the fish, they won’t and can’t eat it. Watch where the rods are bent. I bet they are not in fast, bankside fine looking runs. I bet they aren’t! Put the fly into lots of them. Not the other way around.

We cannot stress this concept enough! Dude. Lots of anglers are catching them. Because, they are in the correct and proper spring type of water. OK. If you don’t get it, stop in and we will draw you a diagram.

Execution of location is where those who do not catch them go wrong.

If you still don’t get it…well. Floating is fun.

Headhunters Spring Special full speed ahead. Guide trips $400. $150 off of retail. Headhunters full staff of guides is working and we have available dates. Our top 20 is as good as guides get here on the Mo. We mentioned the long term shop staff yesterday on our birthday blog post. We have the same longstanding guide staff that many put on the top of the heap. Consistency and professionalism are the two constants with the Guide Contingency here at Headhunters. That is why our guests keep coming back.

Discounted lodging here in Craig at the Craig Trout Camp. Call us today to get on board. Or in bed! 406-235-3447

Izaak’s Opening April 11th 4pm. Open that first week Thursday thru Sunday. Then Wednesday thru Sunday thru April 4-9pm.

Have not heard what the Trout Shop has in mind. Although there is a rumor that Breakfast will again be back ay the Trout Shop this summer. Yum. No word on the dinner opening for the TS Cafe. Will find out and let you know here.

Papa’s? May be done.

Lunches? Mo River Eats. Call Kelli today and she will deliver your river/boat lunch to Headhunters every morning. Swing in, buy some flies, pick up your lunch, and arrange a shuttle. Your 1 Stop Shop in downtown Craig.

Come enjoy a Montana Missouri River Weekend with Headhunters of Craig. Start a spring tradition today!

Open daily 8-6. Shuttles, lodging, fishing licenses, boat rentals, Guide Trips $400, Lodging up to 35% off.

Friday Fly McCune Sculpin
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