Sunday Tribute Video Nirvana

Sunday Tribute Video Nirvana

Kurt Cobain passed 25 years ago this week. April 5th 1994.

A pretty big part of my youth was mis-spent drinking, dancing, and enjoying live music in the Pacific NW.

Enjoyed it thoroughly.

Had an album release party at the house I lived in in downtown Tacoma WA. The album was Nevermind from Nirvana. The second commercial release from this legendary grunge band. Danced all night long in our living room with 30 of my closest friends.

The video, while not the explosive and energetic style that Nirvana displayed on stage with the full electric components, reveals the intimacy of the band and certainly Kurt. That is why I chose this vid.

As you know this is a David Bowie tune that Cobain covered. The Man who Sold the World is a fine tune.

Rock stars die too young. Great ones.

Nirvana changed the world, how we listen and love music. It certainly made an impression on myself and friends closest to me at the time. Hearing the tributes this past week brought a ton of those thoughts, feelings, and emotions of that period of my life in the early 90’s.

Saw tons of grunge and live acts in the Seattle/Tacome/Olympia I-5 corridor in my youth. Including Nirvana. Awesome.

Enjoy your Sunday and listening to a bit of Nirvana.

The Man Who Sold the World. Nirvana. Unplugged.

Watch it. Then cruise around YouTube watching and listening to the genius of Kurt’s melodic punk inspired compositions.

Watch the first vid and then the second. The latter is the one to knock the dust from the rafters.

Lithium. A good one.

Turn it up to 11. Dance in your living room. Invite your family to join you. Do it. It’s good for your constitution.



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