Friday Foto

Friday Foto

A rainbow face today on the Headhunters Blog.

Halloween tomorrow. A good looking weekend ahead of us as we endure the high winds this Friday afternoon with gusts reaching beyond the 50mph mark. Now that is windy!

Tomorrow not as much. A typical forecast with highs in the lower 50’s and the winds a very normal 10-15mph out of the SW. Common.

A Blue Moon on Halloween night. Very cool. We will be fishing tomorrow as it looks to be a busy weekend. We are open daily 8am and are doing shuttles. With some of the businesses closed, including Izaak’s in Craig, you may have to become a self sufficient angler in the food department. WC has Shotgun Annie’s and Cascade has the Driftwood and the Angus. The burger at the Driftwood is a local favorite.

Plugging along here in Craig. The fishing is pretty good. And we like it. IF the wind will stop for a moment, and it does, sometimes, it is damn pleasant.

Look us up for your 2HTROUT needs along with the best dry fly selection in the lower 48.

See you this weekend!


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