Fire On the Mountain A Teton Gravity Research Film

Fire On the Mountain Film

Watched this Wednesday night. Awesome.

A Teton Gravity Research Film. Super freaking cool.

Far better than watching the Dodgers win the World Series last night. Unless you are a big LA fan. Then this would still be best…

Totally worth the hour on ESPN2. Want to see more? Check out the Chris Benchetler site. It is cool. Order the DVD, album, hardcover book!

If you are a super Dead fan you may have seen this film. If you aren’t, here you go.

Now you can watch it today on your laptop. And dream of big powder days, the perfect wave, spending time with friends.

And dream you should. Listening to some cool tunes by the Dead.

A perfect Thursday. Watch it at lunch. It’ll change your afternoon for the better.

You’ll be smiling.

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