Silly Sunday Scenery Brown Trout Edition #47

Brown Trout on the dry fly.

The big fly.

Looking like a July week ahead. A 2015 July week with unsettled weather. Looking like a high on Monday of 52F. A typical non-typical year.

The cooler weather should keep some of the pressure from the bikini clad gang…not that there is anything wrong with that. We like everybody. Remember that it is all about intention.

Out early to beat the rest of the troops. Can work.

The upper river fish are getting nearly impossible to catch on a dry. Specifically if you don’t commit to drag free drifts. Headhunters that continually slide the fly over the head of the target may be disappointed. Not for the weak at heart. For the strong, try the reach cast. When you hear folks at the bar stating that the reach or some sort of slack line presentation is imperative for success, they are not lying.

Late July fish and early June fish are two completely different creatures.

Totally different. Opposite ends of the spectrum.

Back to your weekend. We are open early in Craig. Coffee is generally ready at 6am for your eye opener. Joe’s open at 8am. Izaak’s at 4pm for your dining needs. Check out for any accommodations. Big SALE Rack developing outside the front door.

Trico’s all over, up and down. Some days more than others. Attractors working well. Caddis hit an miss. PMD’s all but gone. Nymphing report? Good on the insides and weed-lee’s. Come on by for any fly help or suggestions. We love to talk about the Missouri!

Stupor busy up top near the Dam. If you like a quieter experience, go elsewhere. Less stuffed elsewhere.

Come by and check out the NRS Freestone Inflatable Driftboat with a new drain system. Just awesome.

Adipose Drifters available every day for rent too. We have waders for rent as well as fly rods, reels, demo fly lines, trout spey rods, anchors, shuttles, free river maps, and a Coke machine that mostly works…

See you this week ahead.


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