The rain cometh

The rain cometh…

The rain cometh…

And tomorrow? Sunny skies. Maybe. With a chance of thunderstorms. Wednesday? Sunny skies.

Soggy, super soggy this morning. Any cancelled guide trips? Nope. Any frowns in the shop? No. Any wet dogs? Yep.

As Lindsey Channel stated earlier this season on a similar rain day…“Good day to catch a big one!”

All good as we need this soaker of a storm to continue our cooler water temps. Currently the water temps are 62F. Will we get to the dreaded 70F? Probably not. But Mother Nature holds the keys to our future here on the Missouri River.



The fishing? Unpredictable. Pretty inconsistent as we usually have stellar fishing through July. The bugs come and some days they don’t. The weeds have not been an issue as they have been in previous years. Do we have weeds? Yep. But not the slimy shit that many do not like.

Get out early for the Trico hatch and fall. No PMD’s as they have run their course. Hopper fishing on any given day can be good but don’t bet your lunch on it.

The dam has been fishing well with nymphs. Purple lead and small tailwater mayflies and Zebra’s rule the day.

For those fishing the canyon the old classics have been getting it done. Hare’s Ear, Prince, rubber legs, Crawfish, Zonkers all good choices for the lead fly.

Some anemic caddis flies in the late morning and killer swarms in the late evenings for those who like to fish the golden hour.

August looks to be a quiet one as historically the fishing around the state is dyno-mite. No closures here as this unseasonably cool weather¬†keeps the water temps reasonable. We have not exceeded the warning bell yet. Warmer air temps in the next week with temps reaching the higher 80’s.

Today a good streamer day as the bigger fish, and the junior set, will chase that streamer around and some may even bite it!

The rain continues to come as I write this report on the porch. Need rain gear? We have all the good SIMMS products in stock and that will keep you more comfortable than your ’93 L.L Bean outfit. Gore-Tex never falls out of style.

Average monthly total rainfall for Great Falls is 1.50 inches. The current total is 1.01 with the average total to date being 1.22 inches. We will exceed that with the rain falling hard today.

This is the Rocky Mountains and weather does change frequently and rapidly.

Give us a shout if you need any up to the minute rain or wind or sun or hatch reports. We are here daily 6am til 9pm.

Cover yourself up and enjoy this soggy day!

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