May 4th Missouri River Fishing Report

May 4th Missouri River Fishing Report

Water levels falling a bit to 7.3K and wear temperatures rising upwards to 48F. So some movement yesterday in the action.

Along with the water fluctuations we now bring you summer air temperatures for the remaining weekdays falling a buit as we move into the weekend ahead. But 80F for today and warmer again tomorrow at 85F. Then a rain cycle again next week. Spring in Montana.

It all can happen here in Craig.

The fishing? Variable with the conditions mentioned above. I believe the water will fall before she rises again accomplishing the annual Canyon Ferry filling cycle in later June. Lots of speculation out there  with some calling for higher water than the water managers are predicting. What will happen?

I can say if it rains a bunch we will see higher water. If it don’t. Then we won’t.

Fishing spotty in the sun with the water movement. Didi not see any dry fly action where I fished yesterday Craig to Mid Canon. Nymphing was fair. Streamer fishing? I don’t know, did not throw.

Tossed a dry dropper in some historically fishy water and found no action either. But the canyon will start seeing anise dry fly bite soon? Maybe. Some May type bugs will grace us at some pint. A big move in the water temps which we are seeing with the advent of warmer weather will maybe kick start the Caddis and mayflies.

Until then we will have to live with the BWO’s and midges. When the sun warms the wings and wind dries the wings of those pesky mayflies there is not enough left on the surface to get our fishy friends moving towards the surface.

And, they cannot wear cool shades man. Bummer.

Flies are the same as last week. All of those killer mayfly nymphs you so love, Adams type attractors and midge clusters, and why not toss the Fruit Roll Up if you want to drag leeches through the water.

We are happy to be in May in Craig. Come by for any and all of your fly fishing needs. Open early and open late. Shuttles, flies, info, free maps, coffee, smiles, fish tech, along with Craig’s only Free WiFi and cell service.

Headhunters is here to help the Missouri River angler.

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