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Friday Foto January 3rd Fishing Report

The damn weather is the only variable that can really screw up the day.

The fishing is just fine. Water temps in the 34F range with the winter flows at or about the 3K level. And holding on both accounts.

Friday Foto Fishing Report | HH Fly Shop

The streamer fishing has been quite good with reports of fish in medium to thin water. Fish grabbing the fly on the swing…in the middle of the arc. Nice. Good behavior for winter troutski’s.

Flies that you may enjoy include the sinking type, and the not so sinking type. Choose your tip configuration and choose the fly accordingly. The Kreelex, Skiddish Smolt in a couple colorsways, Kure’s MicroZonkers are killing it, Arnold’s Sculpins, R2R’s, Purple Buggers…stop in for a great streamer selection. It rocks!

Nymphing? Shit hot. Winter style. Soft insides, slow as water, or medium slow to slow transitions. Get on them and stay on them. The fish are really holding in only a few winter lanes per mile.

Check out the weather before yo make the trek. Although the fish do not care how cold or windy it may be in our atmosphere. The are all wet. And already cold.


Super deals in the shop through the weekend…then it is over. We’re here daily drinking coffee, staring at computer screens, answering the phone, and dreaming of spring and summer weather with longer days, constantly rising trout, CDC, cold beers in the porch YETI, fly fishing fellowship. You know, that kind of stuff.

Looks like the Saturday Spey Clinic will be chilly. Nothing that brandy in your coffee can’t cure.

Need more on this first Friday of the year?

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