SIMMS Wading Boots

SIMMS Wading Boots. 2 to Consider.

The SIMMS G4 BOA is a boot that many Missouri River anglers will be wearing for several years. Why? Ease of use.

The RiverTek BOA, the predecessor,  is a boot that many of the Headhunters staff has been wearing the past 2 seasons. Why? Ease of use. The comfort level of these boots is terrific. Getting in and out of them is super easy. The neoprene liner along with the neoprene sock on your waders allows your foot to slip in without agitation.

We call them boat slippers. The disadvantage of the BOA RiverTek is that while a great lounging wading boot, but not a boot designed for bushwhacking on multi-mile death trout marching.

The G4 BOA is the answer. These boots are make for walking. Honest.

Comfort combined with support. A great boot for any fly fishing pursuit you may encounter. Remember that putting these babies on is akin to slipping on your favoirte house shoes…They got the Sci-Fi look going for them too!

SIMMS Wading Boots. 2 to Consider


Step into Simms’ G4 Boa® Boot and elevate your fishing experience thanks to an asymmetrical Boa® system that delivers an articulated, secure fit over and across the instep. Underneath the G4 chassis you’ll find an advanced RiverTread™ platform that minimizes rigid materials in exchange for maximized proprioception—your ability to feel and adapt to an ever-changing underfoot environment. In addition, Vibram® Idrogrip outsoles provide great grip across slick underwater obstacles via multi-directional lugs—compatible with all Simms’ AlumiBite™ and HardBite™ cleats and studs. Inside the boot is an environment hardwired for warmth and comfort, featuring a lined neoprene finish, cushioned where you need it most and ultra-smooth for easy on/off performance

 SIMMS G4 Features

  • Simms NEW RiverTread™ Platform for guide-ready wading performance, support & traction
  • Waterproof PU-coated leather & TPU-coated textile upper for maximum abrasion-resistance & durability
  • Fully-lined with neoprene for wading warmth, cushioning & easy-on/easy-off
  • Boa® Closure System for easy-on/easy-off & a precision, on-demand fit
  • Also see the G4 Boa® Replacement Kit

MATERIAL TECH: A waterproof PU-coated leather & TPU-coated textile upper with an asymmetrical Boa® Closure System & full neoprene lining; Built on the Simms RiverTread™ Platform with a 4.0mm Vibram® Idrogrip rubber outsole
APPROX. PAIR WEIGHT (size 10): 57.6 oz
SIZES: 07-14, whole sizes, EEE width


SIMMS Vapor Wading Boot

This looks and feels like a wading boot for the Headhunters gang. Fast moving, smart, and built for the modern angler.

More like a sneaker or tennis shoe in fit and feel the SIMMS Vapor is designed for those who like to find fish off trail.

These not unlike the G4 BOA are very easy to slide on your feet. The neoprene liners have made getting these damn boots on and off simple and efficient. Remember those leather Danner’s that we pre-soaked before each use?

Remember the pain? No more with these built for speed lightweight wading rockets.

No more with today’s modern wading boots from SIMMS.

Check out Headhunters Craig Fly Shop for On-Line SIMMS Boot Love.

SIMMS Wading Boots

From high-elevation rivulets to coring into no-man’s land with nothing but bear mace and Ramen noodle rations, Simms’ new Vapor Boot gets you into the thick of it—faster. Its lightweight, minimalist design is maximized by a VaporTread™ platform/4.0mm Vibram® Megagrip rubber outsole that effectively bridges the worlds of superior hiking speeds and traction-enhanced wading performance. Features include a synthetic leather, textile, and scratch rubber upper that, combined with an anatomical top collar, work with your feet for all-day, blister-free trailblazing. Internals are precision lined with plush neoprene where it counts, generating warmth, redefining comfort, and guaranteeing on/off ease whether it’s time to rally—or rest—your dogs


  • A new lightweight, fast & minimal wading boot with a synthetic leather, textile & scratch rubber upper
  • Simms’ NEW lightweight: VaporTread™ platform for an engineered balance of fast hiking & wading performance.
  • Anatomical top line at collar for all-day hiking
  • Partially-lined with neoprene for wading warmth, cushioning & easy-on/easy-off

MATERIAL TECH: Synthetic leather, textile & scratch rubber upper; VaporTread™ platform/4.0mm Vibram® Megagrip rubber outsole
APPROX. PAIR WEIGHT (size 10): 51.2 oz
SIZES: 07-14, whole sizes, EEE width

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