Friday Foto Missouri River Fishing Report July 12th

Friday Foto Missouri River Fishing Report July 12th

Friday Foto Missouri River Fishing Report July 12th

All is well in our neighborhood. Water is dropping off nicely. The sun is out. Dry fly anglers are here. Nymphers too. All fishing is good. Come on out and join the fun this July, or choose August.

Missouri River Flows and Temps

The latest on the water is that the flows are falling. Thursday the flows went to 7020 cfs. The water managers will drop the water below 7K today? Or this weekend. We should expect flows to continue to drop throughout the month.

Wade fishing is available. Saw a number of wade fishers in great spots today! The river is getting busier with July attendees. Non-Local locals are out and about. When will you arrive?

Water temps are up there at 64F. July is the warmest month for us in central Montana. Water temps will continue upwards as summer days and nights ahead of us keep the sun on the water.


PMD’s, Caddis, Trico’s. The PMD’s continue to chug along through the end of the month. Difficult sippers can still be fooled with a cripple or a spinner. PMD’s are loved by Missouri River Trout!

Caddis skittering around all day long. Low riding patterns do the best on this resource. CDC is good too. Let the body sit low in the water. In the surface film. The morning trout love a caddis. So do the night fish. Good evening fishing to be had out there. Headhunters has late shuttles for those who like that sort of thing. And many do. Fish the am, and then fish the pm. We like it!

Trico’s just out there for a short time now. We should have strong hatches for another 8 weeks, or longer. A staple here fishing central Montana’s Missouri River. Just getting started. Trico clusters, Trico Spinners, Trico Emergers for the time being. Mostly hatching on the upper river. Check in upon your arrival for the current intel!

The Weekend Ahead

The entire river is fishing well. No need to pigeon hole yourself on the upper. Spread it out and fish some new water. Free maps in the store. The best in Missouri River flies. 36 lodging outfits. Guides and rental boats. River lunches from Kelli Wilson delivered to HH every morning. Check out her website and order up some delicious river grub.

This is the peak week. Come now or come later. With strong water flows ahead, continued summertime hatches, and room in the lodging arena you ought visit us this August. Hoppers, Trico’s, ants, Caddis, along with stronger than normal nymphing ahead of us this summer. We are looking forward to more great fishing ahead!



Friday Foto Missouri River Fishing Report July 12th
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  • How is the weed situation so far?

    • Not as plentiful as last year, but if you look real hard and ask around you can find it.

    • No weeds near the surface. Just had 5 ft of wTer over the top. Water temps 64. Weeds enter your he equation in August

  • Brandon Hall
    July 13, 2018 8:13 am

    Counting down the days until we arrive August 2 for 2 day float! Hope some PMDs are still around but looking forward to the Tricos

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