Friday Foto The Muddy Mo!

Friday Foto The Muddy Mo!

Friday Foto The Muddy Mo!

Muddy waters here in the Mighty Mo.

Today it is the Muddy Mo!

The Dearborn River is blown. Blowing mud from the DB has made the Muddy Mo look like this at Pelican Point.

Probably not a great day to fish the lower river.

Maybe next week.

The beauty of a dammed river is the clean water flowing from the dam. Clean water from Holter Dam to the confluence of the Dearborn River. Little Prickly Pear tossing a bit of mud as well but it has mostly cleared and is not a problem.

Holiday weekend here in Craig Montana. Fishermen sequestered to the upper end. May be a bit busy with all fo the anglers form the state crammed into 15 miles of water. Please be nice, respect your fishing colleagues, finish your day at Izaak’s!

Headhunters open daily @ 7am.


Friday Foto The Muddy Mo!
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