The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly II

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly II

Thursday in the Missouri River Canyon. And all is good. Sort of.

The Good

The fishing is damn good. The entire river was fishing well with lots of anglers in the canyon and beyond. Yes beyond the more common reaches like the dam, Wolf Creek, and Craig. But that may have changed.

The water has come up a bundle and may continue to out of the dam. Currently 5500cfs and rising?

Yesterday the fishing was stellar. It has been very strong. Yesterday in the am. The pm bite was not nearly as good as the water rose 500cfs. Our fish do not like rising waters all that much. It does put them off. They don’t mind the drop as much. But the rise?!?! No good man.

We will get an update as we have guides out today as well as rec. anglers. And will ass that on to you as we always do here at your information source for all things Missouri River.

So that is the good end of our daily blog here in downtown Craig. And of course the lifting of the 14 Day Quarantine June 1st. That is the best good news in the past couple months!

The Bad

As mentioned above we have been seeing good fishing results and catch rates the past couple weeks. A good dry fly bite as well. March Brown success coupled with afternoon caddis emergences in the canyon have made those dry fly anglers broaden their smile.

And now the bad. The Dearborn is blown and running currently at over 2K cfs. Not good. That is bad for fishing below the Dearborn confluence. The river is blown below Dearborn Boat Ramp. Totally blown. Not even the hard core mud anglers would see the benefit in floating below the Dearborn Ramp.

So that is the bad. This weekend and possibly beyond no traffic below the DBR. That means that all of the weekend drifters will be boxed into the upper river. Go early, go late. Really the only way to stay out of the masses. HH open @ 7am.

The Ugly

That is the Dearborn River. The Ugly. Not fishable, and I would guess not all that floatable. It will be blown for a while. How long? I don’t know. But certainly a couple days or better. Through the weekend.

And it makes the canyon and beyond un-fishable. That’s ugly. Period.

Headhunters Open Daily

Nevertheless, we are open daily. Thursday thru Saturday 7-7. Sunday 7-6. The remainder of the week 8-6. Shuttles fro the Mo and the Dearborn, DEMO ROD SALE, cabins trimmed out for any price range you desire, Guide Trips, Best Flies Under the Big Sky, Buff’s BlackStrap FaceMasks, SIMMS and Orvis Waders, a heavenly accessory wall, 37 kinds of GINK…

Izaak’s BBQ Restaurant of Craig

Wednesday thru Sunday 3-9. See you this weekend for BBQ on the deck, Craig’s best craft beer selection, hand crafted cocktails, BBQ on the MO!

Shotgun Annie’s ope, daily 11-8. Weekend breakfast at 7:30.

Taco Cart? Nope.

Joe’s Bar. Picnic Tables in the parking lot.





and the Ugly II, the Bad, The Good
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