The tide is rising

Friday Foto The tide is rising

Friday Foto The tide is rising

Came up to 8480cfs yesterday. More coming on Monday.

This wekend’s weather is gonna be warm! Calm today Friday and super windy Saturday. Decent Sunday. Rain and wind Monday.

But no snow in the near future!

Izaak’s open Wednesday thru Sunday so you can get your BBQ fix here in Craig. I had the BBQ Patter last night along with the s=wings…awesome.Enjoyed every bite!

Joe’s open at 8am daily. Shotgun Annie’s is hopping in Wolf Creek too. I hear rumor the Oasis is nearer their spring opening date. Full on here in the canyon.

The Dearborn blowing some mud. Not terrible vis down there at all. If you are tough, you will head down there.

BWO’s peeking out of their winter hide-out on the lower river.

Enjoy your weekend in Montana. We will!

Headhunters open daily 8am til 7pm. Swing in and say hello!

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