5 Ways to Skin the Spring Cat!

5 Ways to Skin the Spring Cat!

5 Ways to Skin the Spring Cat!

Kinda been off and on out there. Some days better than others, but the theme could be described as not all that consistent.

Waters rising off and on, mostly in this last month coupled with cold water temps currently at the 39F mark have made for tough sledding.

Today 5 Ways to Skin the Spring Cat!

  1. Split Shot. Use more.
  2. Most of the fish are in deep slow backside of run pools. Then somedays in quicker too. But spend some time in the morning dredging the quiet waters.
  3. If tossing streamers the bank is the place. Or center river bars that are subsurface for the last month and will be for the next couple. Learn new spots to catch higher water fish on the screamer. So commonly we are not always bank-centric because so commonly our bank water is too skinny as to not hold a ton of trout. But those days are water under the bridge as they say. Big tips, add on tips, big flies, and lots of casting. If you like to get ’em deep and tug on ’em for the day this is your time. The big one is out there and he can be caught! Headhunters is your streamer store in Craig! We have all of the ancillary tips, the largest selection of heavy sink tips streamer lines (lots of them!) and the most outlandish of flies! Just ask 7wt.
  4. Blind fish a big dry fly. Why not.
  5. Fish the back end of islands, deep troughs, softer insides. The fast and good looking hard banks generally do not hold as many fish. But then again there are many ways to skin your own cat.
  6. Bigger water does not always mean bigger patterns…but most of the time it does.

Be careful wading and be careful boating out there. The water is swift and powerful. Think twice before swimming this spring.

Guides available daily at our spring rate of $400. Hurry up it ends April 30th. Rental boats too. Project Healing Waters boats. Fishing friendly all stars in the shop to help you out.


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