Silly Saturday Snow Scenery

Friday Frigid Foto

Friday Frigid Foto

Snowed this wee a couple days. Put a white coating on the river.

Water temps falling fast. 41F this morning. Water flows 3280cfs. Air temps this am 2F. Yes, damn cold. Un-fishable?!?!

Quiet. Quiet on the river.

Except for the shotgun blasts.

Shop open for those early Christmas needs. Call or stop in today, or tomorrow, or Monday…


friday foto
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  • That’s a tough go for guides or anglers. It’s too bad this is chewing into what can be a great time to guide and fish the river. Really thankful I had time on river in mid October before the blast. A great time to re-organize, ponder past efforts, strategize holiday plans, reach out to friends and reflect on great times had on the Missouri.

  • Thanks John. Truth. Yeah, we here at the shop were looking for an even longer extended fall! but, Mother Nature had a different idea for us! But it looks like the cold will break at the end of the holiday week. And then, and then we will fish. Hope you’re warm up there up north!

  • wayne e clayton
    November 19, 2022 7:09 am

    No fishing here either The Big Hole is frozen across and no place to fish.22 below,good day for tying flies

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