ECHO Gecko

Get your kids an ECHO Gecko

The #1 selling kids rod in the World! The reason? Because it is clearly the best tool for your kids. Bar None!

The common conversation among parents who are looking to get their children into fly fishing goes something like this…

You know I have an old 4 weight that I bought for my wife. She doesn’t use it much so I thought I would give it to my son/daughter. Should be a perfect starter rod for little Billy/Becky.

Does your wife like the 4 weight?

No, not really.

Do you like that 4 weight?

No, not really.

So you think your kid is gonna like it?

ECHO GeckoWe strongly suggest your kid uses a rod that is made for kids. It would be analogous to strapping¬† old skis your wife did not like under your kids feet. Wouldn’t you rather put skis made for kids. Designed for their skill set. A pair of skis that enables the correct path of learning?

I think the answer would be a resounding yes!

ECHO GeckoThe ECHO Gecko is just that rod. A rod designed for the success of your favorite fly fisher. It is fun too. Yellow with a fun colored grip that is properly sized for younger hands. Shorter in length for the proper swing weight. Manufactured withe the correct flies pattern to encourage a proper casting stroke. The Gecko is softer, more progressively flexing than the super-fast tip flex rods that we so love as adults.

It is made, designed, created for youthful casting and fishing success. So your kid will enjoy fishing. That is the goal. Right?

We do sell a ton of these kids rods. Coming in at $100 you cannot go wrong. Many parents get the ECHO Gecko early in their kids life. From age 4-5 til 10-12 the ECHO Gecko will enable fish coming to the net. And Smiles.

Smiles are important. 

We sell the ECHO Gecko most often as a package. Easy to get into at $135. It comes with all you need for your kid. The Gecko rod a 7’9″ 4/5 weight rod in a cool yellow Cordura rod tube. The ECHO Solo reel lined up with an Airflo Velocity line. A perfect starter set for your fly fishing all-star. You will not age out of the rod for years. You may replace the fly line with a top notch one after the initial beating that all kids products initially endure. The rod is absolutely bomb-proof!

GECKO Rods feature:

  • 3 piece travel design
  • Alignment dots for quick assembly
  • WIld colored EVA extra small diameter full wells handle
  • 2″ EVA fighting butt
  • Fuji-style fast tighten reel seat
  • Bright yellow gloss blank with orange thread wraps
  • Hard chrome snake guides
  • Rod sock and tough rod tube
  • ECHO lifetime warranty

Give us a shout if you want to gift your kid with their first favorite rod. Sell that old 4 weight your wife doesn’t like on Ebay. Why not use the proceeds from that sale to get the Gecko! We will pop one in the mail today for your child’s next birthday.

Take your kid fishing this year. It will be good for both of you. Really good.

ECHO Gecko

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