Missouri River Montana Fishing Report

Headhunters Fly Shop Fishing Report

All is well as we finish the first week of August.

Generally a soft period fishing Montana’s Missouri River. Why? Because the rest of the rivers in Montana are actually fishing this time of year. While the Mo fishes all 12 months the rest of the state has to deal with run-off consequently a shorter fishing season. So as the rest of the the state enjoys their peak, we settle into a late summer program.

What does that entail you ask? Well my fishy friends here are the highs and lows of August fishing Missouri River style.

Headhunters Fly Shop Fishing Report

Early mornings. Well not as wearily as the last month. You can actually sleep in a bit. If you make it to the water by 8 or 9am you still get the best of the Trico spinner fall. Not a big rush as the pressure here is light. Wander out to your favorite flat and have that last cup of Joe. Then dress your line and make that first cast.

Early off in the afternoons. Don’t stay out til 5 pm. Come in and take yourself a Siesta. Nap for a while, review the days events, then wander over to Joe’s for a Bloody Mary. Then to Izaak’s for a Pulled Pork Platter. Then off to bed to dream of the big Mo River Trout.

Hopper Time. Rock it all day long if you are so inclined. Headhunters has over 50 hopper patterns for your Brown Trout fix. Stock up for other rivers too. We got Chubby’s! Lots of them. Honest. Buy a box full.

Fish Caddis. There are not a ton of caddis in water, in the air…but they trout will eat them. Tie it on and let it ride.

Fish the Blackfoot with one of our guides. Want to experience something different than the Missouri? Let us show you another river and new world. Freestones are cool!

Try fishing the smallest flies in your box. They work! Tiny flies here on the world famous Mo are certainly challenge. Are you up for it?

Fish a new stretch. The lower river is fun. Not familiar with the canyon? Try it. You might enjoy the scenery and the hungry brown trout.

Trico’s are still happening in the am. Get out there and enjoy it. Remember that the flies you choose do not have to be Trico’s. You can fish other food items over the heads and the mouth will respond.

Headhunters open daily @ 6am for all your river needs. The fall clothing is in the store and the remaining summer stuff must go. Stop by for killer sale times like shirts, hats, flips, flies, fly lines, and the like. We’ll greet you with a smile.




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