Headhunters Fly Shop Missouri River Fishing Report

Headhunters Fly Shop Missouri River Fishing Report October 20th

Headhunters Fly Shop and Guide Service Missouri River fishing report.

Coming to the end of the month and we still have warm temperatures. This past weekend we saw the highs get into the 70’s. Too warm for October.

The fishing? Not too bad. The RIO Line Co was hosting their annual trip and most of the week the gang was streamer fishing. Was it good? From time to time the fishing really heated up. Good and bad all week long. But that is the upshot of fishing.

Do we want it to become more fall like? Absolutely.


Dry flies that seem to wrk when you find a few fish rising? Mostly Cripples and tiny CDC Emergers. ¬†Some have been having good luck with LaFontaine’s Buzzball. Ants, caddis, smaller attractors can get them looking up too.

Nymphers have been having a ball. What is the secret to bobber success? A scud or sow for the lead fly followed by the Zebra or a small mayfly imitation. That is the most common rig. But if you want to experiment beyond that formula you are certainly welcome to do that. Firebeads are coming back. Worms have been known to have worked recently.

Any of the midge stuff that you like is working too. Lots of those annoying tiny fellers swarming around you head in the mornings, evenings, at lunch. Tiny flies are the norm in the late fall into the early winter. They can become selective. Get that ball of fire to settle down for a spell and we should be just fine.

Then most anything works really. Short or long and many places in-between. Find the depth you like and fish it.

The streamers that were hot this last week…because that is all we really know is that. Predicting the future is s tough thing to pull off. Brown or Olive Skiddish Smolts, Marabou Clousers, smaller closers, black buggers, Micro Zonkers, smaller Double Bunny’s, Purple Buggers, and some leeches too!

The popular streamer line is the RIO Streamer Tip withe the 10′ Clear Intermediate Tip. Just right for the water conditions this fall!

Shop open daily from 7am til 7pm. Lots of fun still be be had this October. Pray for overcast skies and some inclement weather patterns and we will see you on your favorite dry fly flat.

Headhunters Fly Shop Missouri River Fishing Report
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