Headhunters Fly Shop Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 6.14.14

Headhunters Fly Shop Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 6.14.14

Flag Day today and we are flying it high. The Flag that is. Happy Flag Day to you and yours this June 14th.

Tomorrow Father’s Day. Another big one. Remember both this weekend as yo are out and about hopefully fishing with your father waving the ‘ol stars and stripes.

Headhunters Fly Shop Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 6.14.14

It almost feels like summer, some of the time. We think full time summer will arrive this summer, sometime. Masybe not he first day of summer, which is next week. Maybe. We sure do love 75F and calm for the summer angling surprise. Surprise! Dry flies.

Cooler weather has haunted us this last week with a few days where you wish you had brought more clothing on board. If you happen to be wade fishing, we hope you had some extra layers in the truck. Had my gloves out today during a late spring squall. Bring your rain gear and an extra layer with you for good measure this weekend too.


Guides out daily with a lighter week behind us. Light traffic all week long and we sure enjoyed it. The last couple weekends have been warm and the splash and giggle crews were out in force. This weekend we expect lighter traffic due to the cooler weather forecast.

The Dearborn River is perfect at 405 cfs Friday night. The Blackfoot is above 5K shut falling on a slow downward jog until it comes into perfection soon. The rest of the state is coming into shape and soon some of the additional pressure that we feel when the entirety of the state’s rivers are off color and blown out. We love seeing our out of area friends arrive in the spring and we love when our out of area friends go back home too. We love both. So, if you like a bit saner river experience, you day is coming.

And back to the Dearborn River. It is perfect. Float it while you can. You will enjoy it. Call us for your Dearborn Shuttles and stop by for our killer selection of Dearborn River Flies!

Tips for the Missouri River Weekend

Dry fly anglers should focus on dead bugs. An Adams is a good example of a dead looking bug. Some think it looks like a dun. Others a caddis. Yet others a mayfly dun. It can also look like a spinner and/or bits and pieces of dead decomposing bugs. Spinners, emerges, and cripples are among our first choices when figuring out patterns to attack our dry fly fish with.

Seek the center if your normal game is not working. Nymphers can go out in the middle of the river and get deep. Dredge the center and see what you find. You gotta have balls to do this as it is a freaky experience. Trust it. Stay true to your nymphing roots and make sure the flies re scraping the bottom and you change flies diligently if the previous batch sucks. If the edges ad the inside out lanes, and the historic channel edges do not work, change your deal man.

Headhunters Open at 630am for your early bird coffee and flies and shuttle set up/sign up. Get out early and beat your neighbor. We are also open late for the late afternoon crowd and that killer evening dry fly float. We can shuttle late!

Izaak’s serves dinner until 9pm. Don’t be late if you want the good grub in Craig. After 9pm? Joe’s Pizza. I like the Supreme myself.

Father’s Day tomorrow. Don’t forget Dad. Take him fishing! Or give him that new SAGE One he has been wanting! Do it. He’s your Dad.

Smile & Laugh. It makes the whole weekend better.

See you this weekend at the store. No BBQ tonight because we are saving it up for next Friday Night and the Drift Boat Drive-In June 20th. Almost the longest night of the year. We will see you at near dusk for a party Craig Style! Good times.

See our sale rack for the stuff that must go. Our $5/dozens fly sale bin is always changing. Rent our NRS Inflatable Drift Boat for anew spin on drift fishing and Montana Floating! We got your back here in the roughest part of Craig, the central district…


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  • Little wet today on the Mo, I hired Nick for my first trip on the Mo.. best time of my life, huge browns, nice Rainbows, I WILL be back!! Great crew at Headhunters, dedicated to getting you on the fish.. thanks Nick for holding strong in the rain and awesome fishing tips… Best money I have ever spent!

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