Headhunters Spring Guide and Lodging Special 2019

Headhunters Spring Guide and Lodging Special 2019

Headhunters Spring Guide and Lodging Special 2019

$400 Guide Trips March 15th thru April 30th.

Discounted lodging too! 25% off many Craig Trout Camp properties and more!

You should really come visit us in this spring.

Why not?

Headhunters Spring Guide and Lodging Special 2019
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  • dan from ohio
    February 4, 2019 7:07 am

    Good Morning Fellas… Mark and John, with your indulgence may I ask to borrow the HH blog this morning?
    My beautiful 2017 topaz over sandstone RO guide model was completely obliterated in a garage fire this past Friday. Obliterated as in literally all that was left was a trailer sitting on the rims (if you ever wondered what all that epoxy and fiberglass does when it catches fire, stay waaay back- it is a torch…). The garage was detached, so the house, wife, dogs, chickens are all good (my eyebrows should grow back, and I needed a haircut anyways…Lol)
    Headhunter Nation- please opine: Would you go with another RO, or would you go with an Adipose, and why? Thank you guys/gals, I appreciate any and all input. See you all in June… Best regards, dan

  • I had a Clackacraft LP a few years back and it was a good boat. But, when I got my Adipose Runoff about three years ago; I really like that boat. If you are doing water like the MO or even some rougher then the Adipose is great. If you are doing heavy white water stuff then no. And the Runoff has about a 4 inch higher front which will allow you to do heavier water. I use mine on the Yellowstone, Madison, Missouri, Bighorn alot. Only have taken water over the front once last spring on the Yellowstone on a big standing wave and could have just went around but I wanted to see what she would do. Even my wife will row the Adipose, she hated the Clacka.

  • Thank you Brother I appreciate that…I think the Adi is perfect for the Mo, but would you be good with it on some of the standing wave stuff like over on the Green or that left hand chute on the Bighorn by the cliffs? How careful do you need to be about stuff coming over the front? Thank you again Mark, I know you’ve run both boats, I appreciate your insight…

  • Ha Kenny you read my mind! Thanks man, that helps!

  • I’ve run my adipose flow on every river in the state with no problems. Took on a lot of water on the bf going through the wave train at the end of the canyon stretch at around 7k cfs last year. It was bad rowing on my part, but wasn’t that bad. I think if you’re worried about taking on big wave trains the runoff model would get you through them no problem.

  • I’m liking RO Tailwater. What was the matter with your last boat?

  • The one thing that I really like about the Adipose are the front and back seats that can go up and down on a pedestal. Those give you a ton of room to move around and you can move them up and sit and fish rather than stand.

  • Wood. Why would you drive a subaru, when you could drive a porsche

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