Headhunters Sub-Surface School Sept 25-29 2019

Headhunters Sub-Surface School Sept 26-30 2019

Headhunters Sub-Surface School Sept 26-30 2019

Headhunters Fly Shop and Guide Service announcing the Headhunters Sub-Surface School Sept 26-30 2019. A great way to climb your way into the cellar with techniques, tools, and lessons regarding all things sub-surface. Nymphing secrets, streamer intricacies, and more to solve the sub-surface puzzle of the Missouri and beyond.

Yes, a few of your favorite guides we be teaching this Missouri River Sub-Surface  Course. HH owners John Arnold and Mark Raisler along with long time Missouri River nymphing and streamer lovers Lindsey Channel and Shane Wilson and a couple other teachers TBD. Learn from anglers who have devoted their lives in pursuit of the sub-surface game!

Headhunters Sub-Surface School Curriculum

If you are the angler who feels like you don’t know everything, or even enough about the nymphing puzzle, this is the school for you. We will delve into the science of split shot, the reasons for Deep Nymphing and the water types associated with success. The oft talked about and a mystery to may the art of Short Leash Nymphing too. Why, when, how, and where. This is your opportunity to get a hand up on the competition!

Those who want to improve their Steamer Fishing we will spend lots of time learning about the best times to fish the streamer fly. We will learn about the sometimes confusing collection of streamer line types and where, when, and how to use them. Rigging techniques, double streamer rigs, leader construction and more in this in depth Streamer Fishing Module.

Finally we will also delve into the ancient art of Soft Hackle Angling. Still one of the better and more consistent fishing techniques that is often overlooked. Unlock the mysteries of this fun and terribly effective method of hunting sub-surface trout!

Perfect for father and son, brothers, husband and wife, fishing partners. A great way to strengthen your game!

The Headhunters Sub-Surface School is scheduled right in the heart of the Missouri River nymphing season. All of the above and more are on the schedule for this intensive sub-surface river school.

This is an all inclusive Fly Fishing School. From meals, to classroom sessions, instruction from Headhunters top guides,  and some cool swag you take home with you. The Missouri River experience along the nymphing knowledge are the two biggest keys to your success. 2:1 student to instructor ratio will allow for the best learning environment!

Delve Deeper below the Surface!

We will present advanced techniques including casting, fish finding, water reading, bug selection, presentation styles, knots, rigging techniques…tons of information to give you the necessary tools to tackle difficult, albeit common, Missouri River nymphing and streamer fishing situations.

We will be both in and out of the boat learning. Wade fishing nymphing, streamer stripping, and soft hackle techniques are quite important. Taking what you learn here on the Mo and applying it to your local stream is what we want! Coming to the school with questions, an assessment of where you are at in your nymphing progression, and a willingness to learn are all components of a successful session!

The Headhunters Sub-Surface School is more than just a guide trip. Expect on the water sessions with the group, and individually. The guide/instructor line-up is world class. Each one of our instructors has a lifetime of teaching experience. Each one of them has devoted his life to the pursuit of trout, and catching more trout!

Rods that you should bring include 5, 6, and 7wts. We will have all kinds of lines, and demo rods to try if you wish. ll of your guide instructors will have ample rods as well. Why not try a few different nymphing and streamer rods while you are here!


Montana’s Wolf Creek Lodge



You lodging will be upriver at Montana’s Wolf Creek Lodge just a couple miles outside of Wolf Creek up HWY. 434. A perfect lodge environment for this school. A great room for presentations and dining, 4 outside entry rooms with two beds, WiFi, microwave, satellite TV, small refrigerator. A cool kitchen located in the lodge for all meals. Pool table, big flatscreen, porch overlooking Little Wolf Creek, and this property is located on about 5 private acres. Quiet. And quite a place. The perfect harbor for you and this school!

*Double occupancy is preferred but we can accommodate 2 single occupancy guests. You will be coupled with another angler/student in the drift boat.


Chef Kelli Wilson of Mo River Eats will host us for all meals at Montana’s Wolf Creek Lodge. A light protein added Continental Breakfast will get us out the door in the morning. Lunch on the river. Fantastic dinners will be again at the lodge including dessert. With Kelli on board, we will not be going hungry!

Let us know in advance if you have any dietary restrictions. Salad or Gluten Free options available. Prior notice will guarantee you get food appropriate for your daily diet.

HH Advanced Sub-Surface School Itinerary

Below is the planned itinerary. The weather this time of year can bring sunshine and daytime temps in the 70’s and beyond. It can also present some wind, rains and even snow. Coming prepared with the appropriate clothing for all weather conditions is important. Waders, rain gear, gloves, sun hats, and sunscreen are all on the Rocky Mountain Montana packing list!

Thursday 9/26: Arrival date. Check in @ Headhunters. 4-6pm meet and greet @ WC Lodge w/ appetizers. Mark will talk about goals and expectations so you can get the most from this sub-surface specific school.

Friday 9/27: Breakfast. Guides meet guests and head out for the day!

Saturday 9/28: Breakfast. Morning presentation. Meet guide and go fish day two. Apps and dinner.

Sunday 9/29: Breakfast. Fish and learn all day long! Apps and last night award ceremony! Dinner.

Monday 9/30: Breakfast 730am. Check out @ Headhunters. Thanks!

Again, a flexible schedule will allow us to be on the water when the fishing is best, the fish are eating, and you are catching!

2019 Pricing: $1499/per person double occupancy $1699/per person single occupancy

All inclusive*. Lodging, meals, swag, classroom, on the river learning sessions, guides.

*Guide tips and Montana State Fishing License not included

The food will be great, the comfortable lodging fits in perfectly for what you are after, the location is the Missouri River of Montana, an opportunity to improve your tailwater/spring creek dry fly angling skills, classroom sessions designed to level the playing field, unique swag, and wonderful fellowship to boot.

email Mark mark@headhuntersflyshop.com or additional information regarding this sub-surface fishing school that will fill quickly.  Call Mark @ 406-459-8739


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  • Alan Graham
    May 30, 2019 10:31 am

    Is this suitable for relative newcomers? I have been fly fishing for about 2 years.

    • Absolutely. By “advanced” we mean not day 1 learn how to fish. If you can cast a fly rod, know the difference between dry fly, Nymph and streamer, and have caught a few fish, then you’re a candidate. This class will definitely increase your sub-surface knowledge.

  • FlyFinaticLou
    June 2, 2019 2:48 pm

    I agree John, you can’t necessarily “teach” an old (stubborn know it all) salt new tricks? Now the “Beginner/Early Intermediate IS a Prime Candidate – will Fast Forward your knowledge/skills, and get a “free” meet-n-greet in the process, not bad. Now if I weren’t so old & “learned” (and had a few extra Bucks laying about . . . !?

  • Hello Mark and John,
    Is this class payable via GI Bill funding as in you are setup to handle that payment process?


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