Hebgen Dam Fixed, Madison Flows Restored

Hebgen Dam Fixed, Madison Flows Restored

Hebgen Dam Fixed, Madison Flows Restored

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NorthWestern Energy (NWE) reported last night that Hebgen Dam gate is open and outflows to the Madison River are restored.  The water in the river is rising as desired. Crews completed the gate repair just before midnight.

Spoke with a couple guides who were at the scene yesterday and the previous day this morning. They stated that the river had come up, and things looked much better! Water is good!

Reports of how many citizens showed up to help ranged from 300-500 mostly comprised of fishing guides, Trout Unlimited, Fishing Outfitter Association of Montana FOAM members along with Board Members, Madison River Foundation members, and just plain old anglers and non-anglers concerned about the future of the Madison and it’s trout, add’l fish, sculpin, baitfish, aquatic vegetation, and the wildlife associated with the river ecosystem.

So, for now things look good. Only time will tell the damage that occurred from the dewatering of the upper river.

All good here on the Missouri River as many of you know is comprised of the Madison, Jefferson, and Gallatin Rivers. While we are historically low we do have enough water to cover all of our fish and ancillary members of the system. Thankfully.

That is the update. Feel free to look around and you will see lots of news about this topic.

Have a great Thursday.


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