Holiday Fishing Report Montana's Missouri River

Holiday Fishing Report Montana’s Missouri River

Holiday Fishing Report Montana’s Missouri River

Been decent fishing on the river here this holiday period.

Water temps are cold. 36F. Water flows are winter-like. Currently 3990cfs. The DNRC claimed a water increase this week, but just like any gov’t driven info piece, the prediction was inaccurate.

#1 Winter Fishing Rule: Fish water that is in no way resembling good water, in the spring, summer, or fall months.

Why? Water temps. Winter water temps are cold. Duh. The metabolism of the trout slows to a crawl. Trout do not waste energy chasing a quickly stripped streamer pattern. Nope. Never.

So, fish the slow water. Meaning really, truly slow. Nymphers find most fish in nearly stopped water. Just barely moving.

Streamer and Trout Spey anglers fish the slow, deep, back end of the run, buckets. And fish them slowly.

Flies? Nymphers like pink flavored sows and scuds. Black Zebra’s, the greatest midge representation, into subsurface form. Split shot? If you like. Or just wait until the flies sink in the deep and slow waters.

Streamer and swinger patterns? Flashy as of late. If flashy does not work, change it. Headhunters has the swing and strip patterns for you, the Mo River Angler. Open daily.

Shuttles too. Your regular Missouri River fly shop closed? No worries, HH is open. Daily.

The coolest, I mean warmest, in fly fishing winter gear is in the shop at HH of Craig. Skwala, Orvis, SIMMS, and more for winter outdoor wear.

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