Holiday Fishing Report

Holiday Fishing Report straight outta Craig Montana

Hi’s in the 40’s today with overcast skies greeting us this nearly Christmas morning.

Currently 43F and calm with some light misty type drizzle!

Fellers wandering around the river today. Mostly anglers again as the hunters has waned in the last week.

Now it’s fishing weather.

Super Secret Headhunters Fly Shop after Christmas Sale starts Dec 26th! Don’t miss it!

We are closed 24 and 25 but open again 8am the 26th for shuttles, deeply discounted sale items, flies, guides and cheap lodging for your post holiday depression. We are here to help you through this period! Fishing brings Joy!


Holiday Fishing Report | Headhunters Fly Shop

Nymphing is the primary game for the heart of the winter, which we are certainly engaged in. 4-6′ on the length from bobber to bottom fly with Firebeads, pink junk, Grey Rays, Tan FB Softies, Pink Lightening bugs, Amex, Rainbow Czechs, Zebra’s, Red Zebra’s, Rusty Zebra’s, and some anglers picking up Pheasant Tails as well. A Tungsten lead fly with a smaller pink jobby on the bottom is deadly.

Find softer medium speed and slower water types and focus on them. Stay off of the faster sexy insides. I will again write an article about the keys to winter angling successes on the Missouri River after the new year arrives. Remember to stay in the winter water!

Dry fly fanatics will find a few sporadic rising trout in soft tailouts as well. Drift a big Adams, a midge cluster, or techy anglers like an emerger or solitary single midge. The tiny stuff. But we find it not as crucial to match the hatch. Repeatedly present your fly over, or around, and near the trout for dry fly amazement.

Tie an emerger or a small midge pupa off of the bend for additional fun. Many save the hard core dry fly aspect for the summer, when they are actually rising well and consistently. It is not a contest. It is winter and catching them on or near the surface is OK. Many of these “rising trout” are not taking flies on the surface. They are meandering around near the surface inhaling trapped duns, sub-surface cripples, or dead midges. A purist at heart will stay on the surface, and that does hook some trout. We like bigger attractor type midge clusters for probing this monster.

Streamer fishermen are doing OK with swinging black leechy patterns and flashy stuff, with also red, orange, black…we got a bundle of kick-ass streamer patterns for the Missouri River. By far the largest and most refined streamer selection of any fly shop on the river!

Swinging and stripping and dead driftin’. All productive methods employed by the streamer gang. Come by for advice, suggestions, runs we’ve been sucking in…you know the good information!

Water temps have dipped at the dam to 34F. Cold. Flows are at 3060cfs. Winter flows, summer flows. All the same for the past 12 months.

Headhunters open daily from the 26th.  Want to get guided after Christmas? We got guides available. A few guides trips booked already for the week ahead. Call up your buddy and get on the river for $400/day. Hot soup and coffee included!

Oh yeah, a bundle of fish too…

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Headhunters as you move into the Christmas week.





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