Holiday in the Sun Sex Pistols

Holiday in the Sun Sex Pistols

Plan your Holiday in the Sun…in Craig Montana.

Maybe the Sex Pistols will be punk’ng out on Izaak’s Log Jam.

Going back a few years to my youth. As a teenager, the Sex Pistols had a big influence on me. Angst. Skateboards. Squeeky played bass guitar in a garage band, and that gang was Sex Pistols fans for sure.

Johnny (Lydon) Rotten is a fishing guide now. It is clearly where all Punk Rock stars end up. A downhill slide from Punk Fame!

Warm on the river today. 46F mid day with no wind. Pleasant for sure.

Lots of angers here with the lack of wind. They have all been holed up waiting for the breeze to lay down. And today is that day.

Look at the forecast for the next ten days. Dry. Warm. Good for fishing. But we need a bit more snow and precipitation to get us into the summer mode.

We got time. 4 months. It will come.

Do your snow dance at home. In the privacy of your living room. Don’t let your wife see you dance like that though…but she probably already knows.

Happy Weekend. A Holiday in the Sun sounds nice…doesn’t it?

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