Craig Montana and Missouri River Quiz! Contest! Winner. Answers

Craig Montana and Missouri River Quiz! Winner! Answers!

Not too many entries that could challenge Master of the Mo. Most of the entries came in the 11th hour. Erin Wombold was the early leader. And then many more piled into the email box…And we have a winner today. Tim Plaska is the winner!

The winner will receive a RIO Gold Fly Line, 5wt. Simms Flask. Dead Drifter Fly Box w/ 48 flies of our choice. Sticker Pack with the Dead Drifter, large Rasta Trout, and Headhunters Man. Green Rasta Trout Hat. Ketchum Release Tool. Headhunters Logo’d Chums. Just Add Vise Kit of your choice. Suncloud Sunglasses. Valued at over $300!

See the correct, according to Squeeky Oar Lock, answers below.

Master of the MO Quiz w/ Answers

  1. What was the name of the restaurant before Izaak’s? Hookers. Funny name, yes. A good name for a restaurant? Not really. Rueben A. did not succeed here in Craig.
  2. Name of the St. Bernard that was the Mayor of Craig? Gracie.
  3. The dog above favorite meal? Leftovers. Primarily Prime Rib. Big meal for a big dog! Representing Craig takes calories!
  4. Where did he go to find it? Izaak’s
  5. Name the creature with two heads above the door at The Frenchman and Me? Two-headed Calf
  6. When was the one lane Craig Bridge built? 1902
  7. What was the name of the bridge building company? Elkhart Bridge Co., Indiana.
  8. Name the famous dry fly flat about a mile downstream of Craig. Hemingway Flats
  9. Name of the first fly shop in Craig? Missouri River Angler. Pete Cardinal Owner.
  10. Name the previous 4 fly shops in the current Headhunters location. Montana Fly Goods, Parrothead Fly Shop, Crosscurrents, Trout Shop
  11. Uncle Joe’s last name? Duvall.
  12. Which President did a Whistle Stop in Wolf Creek? Taft
  13. What was the only food item you could order at the bar in Holter Lake Lodge? Pre changing of the guard to the GF ownership with the Pizza etc…When Randy Walker owned the joint. Hamburger
  14. Parrothead Fly Shop Owners name? Steve Butt Also my first outfitter.
  15. Who started the Trout Shop? Pat Elam. Chris came next, and then Jerry
  16. What year was Holter Dam completed? 1918 Started in 1908, finished in 1918.
  17. When did the Mountain Palace Bar close? 1991-92 This biker bar closed with the purchase from Rick. He then turned it into a lodge with a private supper club. It has recently sold, one year of management, and management changing again. Food and bar and lodging services are a difficult business.
  18. First names of the owners, the Ostermans Missouri Inn? Bud and Joan Osterman’s would open early at 5am. I would go in drink coffee, smoke Camel’s, and learn about the canyon history with Bud. And watch boxing videotapes on the small TV with Bud. Unfortunately Ostermans closed. Ten a few half-assed attempts. A good attempt by Jen and Spencer, but did not make the mortgage payment. Food was too cheap, and poor management.
  19. What Montana politician owned the Craig Campground and Boat Ramp before the state? Forrest Anderson. I think he also owned the Craig Bar. But I don’t remember if he sold it to Joe Duvall?
  20. How much did he sell the property for? $1
  21. When did the train stop running through Craig? 2000, June. Rail washout in Ulm.
  22. What was the sound made crossing the old Craig Bridge? Wooden rattle is what Erin answered. Yes. A click, tick, clack, of the bolts though the steel tread path along with the wooden decking.
  23. What was the date that Lewis and Clark came through Craig on the Corps of Discovery? July 18th 1805. It is the day after the Corps spent the night at Mid Canon which was July 17th.
  24. Bonus Q: Name the day of the week? i.e. Tuesday. Thursday.
  25. Name the closed  Pizza restaurant in Cascade Montana? Pizza Pro It was north of the Laundromat.
  26. Where did the old boat ramp in Cascade used to be? Under the Cascade Bridge. Moved Nth of Cascade Bridge to the Dump. The owner, Tom of Tom’s Market, moved it because the kids were partying under the bridge and wanted to avoid the liability.
  27. Name the only paved road in Craig? Bridge Street A dusty fishing town.
  28. Name two movies filmed on the side roads and hi-ways of the Missouri River? (in the section we fish, Holter Dam to Cascade) Thunderbolt and Lightfoot and the Untouchables. Look them up on IMDB
  29. Name the convenience store that once was in downtown Craig? O’Connell’s Pat and Patsy. Walking in the store with felt soled wading boots was frowned upon. So I always tried to buy enough to wipe the frown off of their faces, while wearing felt soled wading boots! Beer, bread, Beef Jerky, Hot Dogs on the roller, and all the nicotine you needed including gas at O’Connells. If anyone has an image of O’Connells please send to
  30. How many gas pumps did it have? 2
  31. How many gas pumps at Uncle Joe’s Craig Bar? 2
  32. Name of the auto shop in Craig? Rod’s Motor Service
  33. What year did Headhunters Fly Shop and Guide Service open? 2008
  34. Bonus Q: What was the date? April 4th, 2008

Great! If you have any images of downtown Craig pre 2000 we would love to see them. Send to

Thanks to all who entered. That was a tough one. Headhunters will do another contest as the spring comes closer! Happy New Year!


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