January 2nd Missouri River Fishing Report

January 2nd Missouri River Fishing Report

January 2nd Missouri River Fishing Report

Cold. Water temps 35-ish. When it drops below 36 we consider that cold.

Do the fish bite. Oh yeah. Gotta eat.

Flows near 5000 cfs. A common and historical winter flow. Sometimes, commonly, t is higher that the 5K mark. The long cold spells have the DNRC raise the winter to mitigate anchor ice.

Fish deep and slow runs. The back end of deep and slow. Almost stopped water. 1 tick above stale water.

Depth is a thing. Gotta get it deep.

Pink is also a thing. Gotta have some pink flies. Big ones too.

Rising trout may not surface til February. You may see some cruisers. Toss out the Cluster Midge and wait.

Tight lines is a technique you should employ. Downstream soft mends to keep a tight leash on that bobber are important. Hair trigger, yep.

Swingers like the winter. Quiet long runs are out there to be had. Not too much shelf ice yet. Warming later this week and the swinging should be good.

The shop staff is stoked about the Anderson Custom Rods in stock. Come by and wiggle one. Sage ONE Trout Spey Rods in stock too. Come see the impressive array of trout spey rods at Headhunters along with Montanas largest and best selection of Trout Spey lines. By a wide margin!

The phone lines are buzzing! Booking 2019 is strong. Get your reservation on the books this week. Why not. Then you can start tying for the summer trip!

Headhunters open daily 8-5.

Happy New Year.

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