Hump Day Fishing Report Montana's Missouri River

Hump Day Fishing Report Montana’s Missouri River

Hump Day Fishing Report Montana’s Missouri River

Lots of ways to skin the cat out there. Dry, dripper, nymphing, streamer fishing. Your choice.

Swinging too. It is all on here in central Montana.

You can nymph them up at pretty much whatever depth you like. Some are deep with split shot. Some are deep without split shot. Some are medium depth without split shot. Some with the sinker attached. Some are super skinny getting them too. Find the water you prefer and rig accordingly.

Dry-Dropper is on too. An Adams up top and a dripper hanging from it like a Little Green Machine or some facsimile thereof. Killer and fun.

Blind fishing something large and floaty. The October Caddis is an underground favorite. The hopper still getting some play but a bit less as the air temps have fallen below the summer average.

It is fall here in Craig. It feels like it too. And, sorta smells like it as well. You know that smell. Musky.

It could be the residual smoke in the are adding to that minor stench.

Streamer dudes sneaking around.

Swingers? Some out there.

A nice time of year to be here. September is historically a great nymphing month. That is happening. I think we have passed the tipping point. It should be great for another couple months. If you are not getting them, you are probably doing it wrong.

But when the Pseudo’s pop it is fantastic.

Come by the shop and fill your coffee cup in the morning. Get your fix of sows, scuds, all the favorite mayflies including LGM, S & M, Chartreuse LGM’s, Little Green Mo’s, Two Bits, Radiation Baetis, and many other tiny techy patterns 7wt has in store for you.

Shop hours are 7am til 8pm for the near future.

The dry fly fishing is blossoming on the Mo. That is your side of fruit today. Clean those fly lines and employ your favorite slack line cast to get the net wet!


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