In Defense of Young, New Anglers

In Defense of Young, New Anglers

The definition I am using here for this article is simply this: Anyone who is younger, newer, less schooled, in a different generation, brought up with different values, anyone of a different background than you, any angler other than you.

Cynicism is not always a great feeling, or not always a direction you should take when viewing, judging and/or commenting on anglers other than yourself.

Just because any other angler is not doing it, not how you’d like them to do it, or how you think they should do it does not make it incorrect.

Not all anglers aspire to be just like you Sir, or M’am.

And, all of that above, is OK.

Do I believe, or think some of those thoughts above, or that I will discuss below? Sure I do. It is natural in our fucked up society to think these things. Self Centered as we have been trained by the media, and the damn cell phones stuck to our faces, we think everyone would think and do and be like us, like ourselves.

I also recognize that the beauty of fly fishing is just this: You can do it how ever you want to do it. Just don’t bother others, respect the land and water, and let your soul free.

Legendary Yellowstone, Montana, Guide Tony V takes a back seat with these two young studs. Let ’em work Tony!

So, just because it is not how you do it, does not make it wrong. We live in a dynamic world, so get used to it.

I choose not to spend too much energy on things that I cannot change. And how others enjoy themselves, is not in my sights.

I do believe we can set a good example of etiquette and show others how to behave in conjunction with Mother Nature, and others/humans. We should shoulder that burden for others, for the greater good.

Another couple super studs enjoying the outdoors and HH Fly Shop Guides!


P.S. Hailey Walpoole with that brown trout up top caught that one on a PMD dry fly. Yep, that is one of the next generation of anglers that kick ass. Nice work Hailey. 

Act accordingly, Mentorship, Yong Generation
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  • Thanks for a good article, nice pictures too. I agree with you and the solution is simple enough. If there are too many people fishing ways you don’t approve of just fish somewhere else. That’s what I’d do.

    • Thanks LT. There are a bundle of ways to do it. There are a bundle of places to do it. Yep, a democratic stance is, if you don’t like it, go somewhere else. Thanks for the comment!!!

  • Bob Bergquist
    March 29, 2022 11:37 am

    YES! Ethics are a personal stance and as long as the action or method is legal,fine. Fishing is about fun. Fish in our rivers are there to be caught and enjoyed by all who want to do so.

    I once had a client who kept telling at spin fishermen calling them “spin monkeys”. That day ended abruptly at 1PM.

  • Suzy Ouellette
    March 29, 2022 12:19 pm

    Awesome article. I believe in good Karma. It always comes back to you with that big fish!!!

  • Why programs like Montana TU’s Youth Conservation Camp and FOAM’s Guiding for the Future are so important. Cheers, Mark.

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