Jim with a Rainbow Trout.

Jimmy. He does your shuttle.

Jim here with a nice Rainbow. Jim and I are old, so we rolled an old fly. Joe’s Hopper. You don’t know what a Joe’s Hopper is? Buy a book, cause you might not find it on the web. No foam here.

If you’ve had Headhunters do your shuttle, chances are that Jim has driven your rig. He’s been shuttling cars and trucks on the Missouri River for decades. He is the Dean of Mo’ River shuttle drivers.

Unlike many shuttle drivers, Jim does a little fishing as well. After years of working for nearly every current and past fly shop on the river, Jim has picked up  a few things. He can throw it. He knows where to throw it. And he’s quick enough to pull it away from a few as well.

Thanks for all the hard work Jimmy, and congrats on this fat Rainbow on a 90’s fly. The employee party was held for you and others who help make Headhunters what it is.


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