KAST Steelhead Glove

KAST Steelhead Gloves

KAST Steelhead Gloves are truly the best.

We have been selling these bad boys to our customers since they came out of the mold and the KAST Steelhead Glove continues to be our best selling foul weather glove!

A must have for those who swing 2 handed rods here in central Montana’s wild river like the Missouri River near Craig MT. A must for those who travel over the divide and head out to the coast this winter for Spey Swinging Fun. You gotta try these kick ass KAST Steelhead gloves.

KAST Steelhead Gloves

Mark has been attached to a pair for over two years now. Just got a second pair for clients in the boat. Sara & John just returned from the Grand Ronde and utilized them daily. Ninch loves his pair as he swings a two handed rod all winter long. Julie uses hers as well but not always for fishing. They work very well scraping snow from the windshield and snowmobiling, sledding, ice fishing, shotgunning birds, shoveling the driveway, a pair in the proverbial glove box for 3 season emergencies…

KAST Steelhead GlovesSara wanted to mention the two other gloves offed by KAST Gear. There are the two versions of the Raptor Glove. One with index and thumb fingers chopped for fishing dexterity and the other with all the fingers. The Raptor is a great not so wet fishing glove.

The Raptor is perfect for ripping streamers all day long from the boat in November and December. It is perfect for changing flies and sink tips to find the right trout zone. Use the full fingered version of the KAST Raptor for rowing while you buddy chucks those streamers way too close to you head.

We have all 3 KAST Gloves in the store for your winter pleasure. The Steelhead are obviously the most popular but the KAST Raptor is gaining lots of Headhunters fans!

KAST Website here  &  KAST Facebook here



Kast Gear Steelhead Glove from Colby Hackbarth on Vimeo.

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