SIMMS Winter @ Headhunters

Some say summer is for SIMMS.

Super Slick SIMMS Jacket is our winter favorite!

We say, don’t forget about winter my fishy friend.

We so often find ourselves thinking about summer fishing behaviors when we fantasize about fishing. Flip Flops, some shorts and a SIMMS fishing shirt. I know that is where my mind often drifts. Thinking of warmer days as we trudge through the mindless winter here in central Montana.

Well the reality is just this. There simply are more days when you need to include cold weather gear here in Montana than the polar opposite.

Waders lead this winter tale as we pull them on more often in than not September thru May, sometimes even June. We live in our waders. The SIMMS G3 is our clear choice. Mid priced and bombproof. Every angler knows that SIMMS makes the only wader Made in America, the only one, and the quality of the product is guaranteed. The G3 is the warrior. You can get into the G4, but for us here on the Mo, with very little barbed wired jumping and not much bushwhacking we like the comfort and ease of the SIMMS G3 Wader.

The SIMMS Slick Jacket is our go-to winter shell. Longer for covering your SIMMS ExStream Jacket easily. “Propelled by GORE-TEX® Pro Shell fabric, with stretch, the Slick flows with your body for superior mobility, while the ultraclean outside-in design delivers snag-free performance from hood to bottom hem.” This truly is your best bet for tromping around Montana winter waters.

A simple SIMMS Zip Top Fleece is one way to go. The SIMMS ExStream Jacket is yet another. Why not be warm. Comfy in fact. Fishing is not supposed to be chore. Nope. More fish are fought when we are comfortable.

We are constantly wandering around with 2 handed rods in the winter and the Slick/Kinetic combo fits the winter Missouri River bill perfectly. Reach though pockets on the Slick allow you to find that lip shit in your interior pocket. And that flask? Oh, keep that in your outside Slick pocket for convenience.

SIMMS Winter
SIMMS Kinetic Jacket @ Headhunters

If your blood runs a little warmer you may enjoy the SIMMS Kinetic Jacket. A great outerwear piece that you can wear out or hide under your Slick Jacket. Your choice. The new Simms Kinetic Jacket is just what we’ve been waiting for. A “puffball” on steroids. We love the hood for super chilly mornings and windy fall days. It’s has some stretch, which makes casting easier. It’s lightweight and the combination of synthetic materials means that when your arm gets wet while releasing that trophy, you’ll stay warm. This jacket is perfect by itself, or under a rain shell. A “must-have” for off-season trout fishing Montana’s Missouri River, or your local winter fishery!

SIMMS is for much more than just summer. It has so many more uses than just one season. SIMMS can outfit you for your other season wear. We got the goods in downtown Craig for your winter, and summer, fishing pleasures!

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