SIMMS Vapor Wading Boot

SIMMS Vapor Wading Boot

“Simply Awesome.” That is the last couple words out of my mouth as I removed the SIMMS Vapor Wading Boot this last week.

Headhunters says… | SIMMS Vapor Wading Boot

I had worn it two other days and this had been my third use. My first guide day in it meaning the  longest period on my feet. 10 hours and no discomfort. That’s good news. Wearing a boot, of any kind made for fishing or not, can remind you of your aging dogs.

A shorter rise from floor to your Achilles tendon makes the Vapor Boot wear more like a Chuck Taylor Hi-Top than a traditional wading boot. So a hybrid boot between the fishing sandal and the fishing boot? Yes. It really wears nicely. Quite comfortable.

I noticed immediately from donning the Vapor the first time was the weight, or lack thereof. Usually you can feel the extra swing weight of the foot wearing a more traditional wading boot like the G4 Guide. With the Vapor I felt nothing like that. Fleet of foot and ready for the long hike.

The SIMMS Vapor Wading boot is designed for those who like to hike a bunch, then fish a bunch, and walk a bunch back. But that is not the only application for this more comfortable than most wading boot. Everyday use is what I am bargaining for.

And that is how I’m gonna roll. I have previously worn the SIMMS Rivertek BOA and loved it. A super comfort driven boot model that I had penned “Drift Boat Slippers.” A solid 2+years, 200+ days of use for me. While still strong and could maybe go another spring season I have opted for my new wading boot obsession, the Vapor.

These mid priced wading boot should get you excited with the style too. An escape from the bulky boot design the baby’s are made for flight.

I usually wear a size larger in my wading boots for sheer comfort reasons only. I am a boat fly fisher so I don’t purchase the boots for walking, hiking, or scaling sketchy canyon walls on the approach to sneaky trout lies. The SIMMS Vapor feels great in a size 11. My street shoe size. I wore them around the fly shop for some time and thought I would give the sizing a shot. I was dead right. The size 11 feels great and does not feel to small at all. So try on a couple sizes before you buy, but don’t disregard your street size while rocking the Vapor.

I have not been jogging with the Vapor yet, but when I do I will enjoy the VaporTread design. No slip and a proprietary tread design for you to maneuver deftly through boulder fields and slippery trail conditions alike.

The neoprene interior upper allows easy entry and exit of this boot. Synthetic materials will give your a few years of hard use with this modern and present boot made by SIMMS.

This is an everyday boot that most anglers will truly like and appreciate. There will still be those who prefer a stiff ankle support bomber boot for deep wading in all too slick Steelhead runs but for the remainder of the wading crowd…this is a boot to be reckoned with. This boot gets my vote for best all around wading boot of the 2014 Fishing Season!

See it. Touch it. Try it. Love it.

We got the SIMMS Vapor Wading Boot in stock to size 14! Check them out in-store or at our Online Shopping Portal




SIMMS says…SIMMS Vapor Wading Boot


From high-elevation rivulets to coring into no-man’s land with nothing but bear mace and Ramen noodle rations, Simms’ new Vapor Boot gets you into the thick of it—faster. Its lightweight, minimalist design is maximized by a VaporTread™ platform/4.0mm Vibram® Megagrip rubber outsole that effectively bridges the worlds of superior hiking speeds and traction-enhanced wading performance. Features include a synthetic leather, textile, and scratch rubber upper that, combined with an anatomical top collar, work with your feet for all-day, blister-free trailblazing. Internals are precision lined with plush neoprene where it counts, generating warmth, redefining comfort, and guaranteeing on/off ease whether it’s time to rally—or rest—your dogs.


  • A new lightweight, fast & minimal wading boot with a synthetic leather, textile & scratch rubber upper
  • Simms’ NEW lightweight: VaporTread™ platform for an engineered balance of fast hiking & wading performance.
  • Anatomical top line at collar for all-day hiking
  • Partially-lined with neoprene for wading warmth, cushioning & easy-on/easy-off

MATERIAL TECH: Synthetic leather, textile & scratch rubber upper; VaporTread™ platform/4.0mm Vibram® Megagrip rubber outsole
APPROX. PAIR WEIGHT (size 10): 51.2 oz
SIZES: 07-14, whole sizes, EEE width





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