Snow Day on the Mo Day

Snow Day on the Mo Day

Snow Day on the Mo Day

It came. It is awesome. Fish love Snow.

And some people do too!

Headhunters is your only SIMMS dealer on the Missouri River. We have all of the fall and winter gear for your fly fishing pleasure.

The entire selection of SIMMS G3 Waders in all of the sizes. All 22 of them. You want to get into something drier this fall? We agree. It may be time to not only get into a SIMMS Gore product but also save a few bucks. Buy new G3 Waders and get a $100 Headhunters Gift Card! A win-win!

One of our favorite SIMMS fall and winter offers is the SIMMS Cold Weather Shirt. Most if not all of the shop staff dons this daily. I know it is a product that after you get your first you often get your second. I fall into this category. You cannot wear one everyday, but if you had a couple patterns you could wear one of the two nearly everyday! So very comfortable and functional. Great for fishing, great for wandering around the garage, great for chopping wood, great for hunting, great for any outdoor activity. A slam dunk.

The snow is moving out as we warm daily until Friday brings us 61F. Then cooling again with a threat of rain and snow Sunday. Fall is here. We hope it stays around too. The past few years we have gone from summer to winter over a long weekend. One week temps in the 70’s along with howling wind. Then a fall like cool weekend. And greeted Monday with temps in the low 20’s and winter like.

We want fall to stick around and bring up the big BWO’s for all to enjoy. Yes, that sounds perfect.

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  • Do I get the gift card if i buy a couple (at least two, three if they are as cool as you say) of the cold weather shirts? I already have multiple pairs of Simms waders….none of which are flattering. Will the G3’s make by butt look big too?

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