Chartreuse Little Green Machine

Blue Winged Olives

With snow the last couple days, river temps are continuing to drop. This morning the water temp was 54.5 degrees. As this trend continues, we will continue to see lots of pseudos. Before too long we will be seeing some of the larger blue winged olives.

In the meantime, you can experience success fishing blue winged olive nymphs subsurface. I have always loved Vince Wilcox’s Little Green Machine fly. The original pheasant tail color scheme works great.

Pheasant Tail Little Green Machine

Chartreuse Little Green Machine

Lately, I have been experimenting with other color schemes as well.The Chartreuse Little Green Machine that I have been tying/fishing does a good job of imitating the slender bodied BWO nymphs.

BWO nymph on the left


We have Chartreuse Little Green Machine flies in the shop. However, if you would like to tie your own, here is the recipe:

Hook: TMC 3761 Size 18 (2X heavy 1X long)

Bead: Brass 1/16″

Thread: UTC 70 denier Olive

Tail: 4 Pheasant tail fibers

Rib: Copper Brown UTC Ultra Wire size Small

Abdomen: Micro Tubing Chartreuse

Flashback: Medium Opal Mirage Tinsel

Wings: White antron yarn

Thorax: Ice Dub Olive Brown

If the weather is too nasty to go fishing, tie some of these guys up!

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