SIMMS DOWNStream Jacket @ Headhunters

SIMMS DOWNStream Jacket @ Headhunters

SIMMS DOWNStream Jacket @ Headhunters

Love this new outerwear piece from SIMMS of Bozeman Montana. SIMMS DOWNStream Jacket @ Headhunters.

This past week we got to put it to the test for the first time this fall. And it performed well. A bit of rain and sleet greeted us on cool fall mornings. I have been already enjoying the DOWNStream Jacket without the addition of rain and was somewhat skeptical of the water repellence. Skeptics are welcome in all of the fishing clothing debates. Discussion and testing are two of the important hurdles to jump before a new product passes the bar.

And the SIMMS DOWNStream Jacket has joined the puffball conversation.

SIMMS DOWNStream Jacket @ Headhunters
Squeeky’s Newest Favorite Outwear Piece from SIMMS Available at Headhunters Fly Shop in Craig Montana

The top reasons that Squeeky has fallen in love with the SIMMS DOWNStream Jacket

  1. The ability to repel water is clutch while using on the river. I was in a some pretty good rain this morning too. Beaded up well and did not wet out. The test of time will show the true colors. But this first couple weeks has me pumped! There is a waterproof, breathable laminate that works well when the clouds shed their weight. Honest.
  2. The slim fit is great as well. Fits inside of your waders nicely. Also fits outside of your waders well. The trim bottom of the jacket does not bunch up. It slips right into place and stays there. Comfort and functionality first without sacrificing fashion. Because puffballs are always in style. While many of the puffballs today are built for the outdoors this piece is specifically built for the angler. Why not wear a garment built for your lifestyle?
  3. PrimaLoft Down Blend Insulation, is better than down. It is both. A synthetic and down blended together providing warmth when wet while your down only pieces become soggy and heavy. This rugged, durable, water resistant, and warm Puffy is the next generation of outwear pieces. PrimaLoft Gold is a non-down insulation that is stuffed into the shoulders, neck, and cuff regions. Designed for performance.


The last remark from me is just this: A comfortable water resistant fly fishing outerwear piece that I will live infer the next 6 months. Like a sleeping bag for your fly fishing body. The hood rules too. The cuff is designed in a way that does not pull up your arm and there is insulation all the way to the wrist. I’m all in on the SIMMS DOWNStream Jacket @ Headhunters Fly Shop in Craig MT. The full line SIMMS Dealer on Montana’s Missouri River.


SIMMS DOWNStream Jacket @ Headhunters Fly Shop




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