Missouri River Montana Fishing Report October 17th 2016

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report October 17th 2016

The lid is about to come off this place. You are now reading the Missouri River Montana Fishing Report October 17th 2016. The most updated fishing report on the planet. Certainly in our neighborhood.

Is it always good? No, not really. Is it always honest? Yep. Is it updated more often than not? Oh yeah. Do others care as much as we do that you are up to date? Nope.

So we write to you the Missouri River angler again this Monday morning. And folks, it is getting pretty good.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report October 17th 2016

Nymphing is off the hook. Great is the word. Short leashing all day long? Try a Tungsten Sow along with a un-weighted sow. Or a worm up top and a Little Green Machine off of the bottom. A Rainbow Czech and a Two Bit Hooker. Peas, and carrots. Talk to 10 angler sand 11 stories. All of them good. Many even true.

Which Reach?

The upper river is giving up lots of bigger trout. Healthy and large. A 20″ trout is in your future. Fish above Craig for this kind of action.

The canyon is full of action. Smaller fish? Yes. But some bruisers too. I’ve been fishing some real techy patterns down there. A big PT and a not as big Green Lightening Bug. Like a 12, and 14. Real sneaky shit.

The lower river? Good. If you can get it done down there. It can be quite busy on the lower river. Is it a fad? No. Will the pressure subside and move elsewhere this year? No. In the coming years? Probably. Anglers move to and fro.

Dry Fly Report

Dry Fly fishing is getting better. Still the primary bug is that tiny little BWO. Tiny. Are the fish focused on them? Yes. Will they eat? Yes. Do you have to be good to get them? No, not terribly good. Do you have to make a reach cast or decent presentation? Generally.

Squeeky’s Fall Rant

Should you cast at them with out making a plan and preparing for your drift? No. Do most? Yes, of course most do. Seems that every angler is in a rush to get the fly out there dragging  before they are ready to catch the trout. Seems like it is a race to see how fast that angler can put the fish down. The best at this awful ugly game put that fish down in less than 4 casts. Some are even more effective that that.

Could they, the angler cure that problem? No, it seems like many anglers like to repeat the ams behaviors over and over and over and over and over. And, over.

Could this be cured? Yes. But that angler would have to change his or her bad behavior.

And we all know how hard that can be.

Positive fishing movement patterns take years to refine. Years. Hours. Thousands of hours. Are you willing to put in that kind of time?

Dry Fly Fishing

Dry fly fishing very good. Fish are kinda in that stupor that they do not get in all that often. But this fall is better than the previous several. So if you want to get in on some good fall fishing the time is soon. True BWO’s on the doorstep.

Streamer Fishing

Not that great. It will happen. Stay on target.

Missouri River Weather

The week ahead, the front end…rainy, windy. The weekend? Forecast for partly sunny and I’m sure windy.

Late October will rule.

Headhunters Advanced Fly Fishing School Week 1

Great gang. Really enjoyed the company, fellowship, the kick ass food cooked by Mark, the instruction by HH Guides Max, Stephen, and Ben Hardy. Terrific feedback from the attendees. A damn fine experience which included intense dry fly, nymph, and streamer classroom and the finest lab work on the finest river in the west. A great place to learn. The Mighty Missouri River. Mother Mo is a spiritual teacher.

Looking forward to Week 2 which begins Thursday.

Flows, Temps, etc.

Flows low 3K’s. Too low for my liking. But adequate. Really cannot change the water levels. Happy it is not lower like so many of our Montana resources. Temps 54.5F. Perfect. Weed levels good. Not a nuisance at all. Much worse is years past.

Headhunters Fly Shop is rolling through. Fully stocked for your fall Missouri River needs. Fully staffed for your information avenue. Fully stoked for your attitude adjustment.

Open daily 7am til 8pm.

Missouri River Equation

Only you can dictate the future. Only you.



Thanks for letting me vent. That felt great.

I feel really great. Excited about the next month ahead. Looking forward to doing some soft hackle swinging. I dig the bigger baetis. I love shit weather and the fishing that ensues. Standing knee deep watching for rise forms recharges my battery. I am tired, but happy. A tired happy. The river gives me energy. The smiles from anglers feeds my soul.

Negative folks suck. If you are angry, stay away from this happy river, the center of the fly fishing universe. I hate listening to those who blame their poor fishing on other factors than themselves. The only one that can make it better is the one cradling the cork.

This, the Missouri River, is the show. Fish here and enjoy the day. The week. The fall season. Infect others with your effervescent demeanor.

Come here and rejoice in all things Missouri River Montana.

Now I’m done. Now I truly feel cleansed.

Have a good week.


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  • Sometimes you just have to let it out. Testify, Brother!

    I have spent just enough time on the Mother Mo’ to understand what a blessing she is, yet she is also a harsh mistress. Yes, there may be a bazillion fish per mile between Holter and Cascade, but anyone who expects to just show up and find them on their own has much to learn. I’ve learned that The Mo’ requires investment.

    I have never had a bad day on the Mo’ for one reason: I fish with folks who have spent thousands of hours (probably upwards of 10,000 hours) fishing and guiding here. I remember 2 days in particular when it seemed like nobody else on the river was catching anything except for us. We didn’t catch just a couple, either. And my best day was one of those shit weather days, cold, raining, periodically blowing snow… BWO’s everywhere on the water and pods of risers every 50 yards. Looks like today could be one of those days? Wish I was there!

    –The Fading Angler (in Minnesota)

  • Dallas Hoffman
    October 17, 2016 8:01 am

    You rock Mark! Thanks for the best daily reports on planet earth!!!

  • Richard Raisler
    October 17, 2016 9:03 am


  • “but anyone who expects to just show up and find them on their own has much to learn.” Gee, thought fly fishing was more about the ‘act’ than the ‘result’. I fish alone. I wade. I love the Missouri. It has thoroughly kicked my ass at times. I have caught a lot of big fish on dry flies. I, also, have “never had a bad day on the Mo’”. Relax

    • Fair points, GeeDubYa. I was caught up/sympathizing with Mark’s “negative folks suck” paragraph. No offense intended and apologies offered for harshing your mellow groove! 😉

      I’d definitely rather get skunked in a few hours of angling than sit in this chair for ten hours. You’re right, perspective is everything.

  • I only know that when your guides put me on fish and I don’t catch them, it means something is rigged. It could not possibly be my poor first cast, setting the hook to soon (one thousand … one) or putting slack in the line. I had some great pictures of me fishing incredibly well but my server was erased by accident. Now I have vented and feel better.

  • Word.

  • My fishing buddy, Jim, and I just completed the initial Headhunters Fly Shop Fly Fishing School, held October 13-16.
    The school was as good as advertised. The classes were well presented, highly informative, clear and concise. The lodging is very comfortable and the food superb. Most importantly, each day we had a different guide who each imparted his own interesting perspective of fly fishing, yet all shared a common love of fishing. Our guides Mark, Ben and Steve were patient, helpful, knowledgeable and simply just fun to be with on the river. We caught lots of fish and were rewarded by the beauty of The Mighty Mo. A wonderful experience!

  • I think I could fish with you, Fade. “mello groove”, hahaha hahaha…..dat is funny!

  • Shaun Thompson
    October 17, 2016 9:22 pm

    Easy Big Fella,More often please loved that rant!!!

  • Jeff! I greatly appreiciate the blog! I rely on that more than the morning cup of coffee. Thanks for all the effort and passion.

  • I love the blog also!! I may be on the east coast, and won’t be there anytime soon. It provides me great pictures of a great river, and a daily fishing report!!! It helps me escape from my Rat race in life!! THANK YOU!!!!

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