Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 1.7.15

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 1.7.15

Still an unsettled weather pattern upon us. Not many anglers out on the water this week at all.

But the phone is ringing and folks are inking in their 2015 Missouri River Montana Fly Fishing Trip! A gentle reminder that the months of June and July book a year in advance and availability of guides and lodging is sinking fast, if not already gone. So, don’t be too surprised if you thought that calling in January for the coming mid summer rush is soon enough. Call today if you are at all interested in the dry fly months.

Back to the river here in Craig. Cold. The water temps are between 34.5 and 35F. Really quite cold. Ice in your guides often for sure. The flows are up to 4750cfs due to the extreme cold. Ice and slush in the river near Mid-Canon. Probably impassable when you near Prewitt Creek and totally blocked and a river bank to bank of ice chunks when you get the doctor’s house in the Cascade run.

In town this week, Great Falls, a shit show for sure. Cars in the ditch, on the highway the same. Folks that are too aggressive and those who are on the other end of the spectrum are in trouble. Do not travel if you cannot handle the snow. Just sayin’.

Fly Tying Night cancelled tonight due to weather and travel restrictions.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 1.7.15

Pink is the word when we get to the fly selection of choice. Any shade of red. Faded red, pink, rose, even peachy? Oh yeah. Find the painfully slow stuff, cast, watch the bobber, wait, and set hard.

Swinging clinic that is sold through this weekend Saturday. If you need to expand your 2 handed quiver stop in and see us. We have in the neighborhood of 15 2 handed rods to try. SAGE, Echo graphite and glass, T & T, Orvis. Lines too.

A full winter fishing selection on hand if you choose either the single of double hander. Indicator lines by RIO, Spey from Airflo and RIO, VersiLeaders, and any number of other winter accouterments. Bobbers, splits, tippet, info, coffee.







Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 1.7.15
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