Last Week. This Week.

Last Week. This Week.

Some wind last week. Some rain last week. Some warm air temperatures last week. Some guides trips out last week. Some ice breaking free and creating some excitement in the local creeks last week. Some fun last week.

This week? More fun I suspect.

Last Week

The pic above from Guide Nick Stipech as he was out doing some recon. The mud continued to flow out of all the feeder creeks. The Pear, Rock Creek, Wagner, Stickney, Dearborn…all muddy. So it did cloud the fish vision and make angling more exciting. Or less exciting for some.

Last Week. This Week.

As you see from the chart we are on the way down again. No sign of flooding here. The off color water has become more on color. Rock Creek has slowed, and the Dearborn guage is frozen but als0o looking better.

The fishing is just fine. Most on Friday and Saturday fished the upper river and today they are spreading again.

The winds have made it interesting as well. High winds at night and some big winds during the day too. Today we have steady winds at 30mph w/ gusts to 40mph+.  We currently have High Wind Warning, Flood Warning, Winter Storm Warning, and a Winter Weather Advisory. HHmmm.

I look outside see sun and air temps of 52F. I’m no Meteorologist but I believe fishing guides are equally intelligent in comparison to weather guessers?

The trees are bent over though. At least the wind is going downstream.

Yesterday was our last Spey Clinic with over 20 attendees. A resounding success said a couple guests.

“I have been to a few of your clinics now and I gotta tell you it has helped my game immeasurably!”  and  “Thanks a ton for all you guys and gals do. You really make learning easy, fun, and most importantly non-intimidating. These clinics are just what I need to make my Spey casting experince enjoyable. Now I can practice and learn more!


Remember that we have a couple spey gurus coming to the Missouri River for our continuing education Spey Clinics. Mike McCune and Whitney Gould will give two days of clinics May 3rd and May 4th. Sign up for a day now. Click here for more info.

This Week

Last week guides on the water and this week too. $300 Guide Trips begin this coming Saturday. Yes indeed. $300 Headhunters Fly Fishing Guide Trips in conjunction with cheap discounted lodging. Craig Trout Camp cabins start @ $100. We have the Beach House, the Trout House, and others ready for spring special action too. Call for more info!

Beach House, Trout House, Brown Cabin and the Craig House are avail for this coming weekend. Guides too. Is it time to get your 2014 season off with a bang? Guided and lodging for the two of you starting at $200/head. Call your fishing pal and get on it.

The streams have and will continue to clear as we move into the week ahead. Rain and hi 40’s so says the weatherman. We like that forecast. Midges come to mind if indeed the wind stops playing a role in our day. Streamer fishers are coming on strong. While the water temps have moved over the 35F mark, the fish seem to be responding well to stripping, albeit slowly.

More and more boxes come every week as we continue to get ramped up for spring here @ Headhunters Fly Shop. At the end of this week Ninch claims that the bounty of new nymph and dry and streamer patterns arrive. We added 40+ more fly bins to satiate your ravenous mad-fly desire.

SIMMS clothing trickling in along with G3 waders and the hot new SIMMS Vapor Wading Boot. You just got to see and feel this one. Then put it on. Lightweight and fits and feels like a street shoe.

Fly lines are nearly fully stocked and it may be time for anew one of these too. It is the vehicle that delivers the fly to the target. Yes, somewhat important. Come in and see the selection.

New staff at the store too. Braden and Max started last week and we will see a couple more new faces later this month.

Also later this month we are getting a new reel case, new rod display and a new “line wall!” Stay tuned.

Organize those fly boxes of yours this afternoon. Clean out the crinkly beer cans under your boat seat. Clean a few fly lines. Watch Spring Training Baseball filtering through your boat box. Plan your summer trip. Read a few other fishing blogs like the Moldy Chum, the Fiberglass Manifesto, Midcurrent or ChiWulff.

Looks like a great Sunday. Enjoy yours.



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