Late April Fishing Report from Headhunters

Late April Fishing Report from Headhunters

Late April Fishing Report from Headhunters

The water levels are holding just below 7K. Water temps are in the 45F range. Both real good. May see some movement in the water column this week and will let you folks know here on the information source of the Missouri River as it happens. Photo above from Jack Williams caught with that little midge stuck in his jaw.

Late April Fishing Report from Headhunters

Get out your SIMMS gear for the coming week. Looks wet and cold. BWO’s like that kind of weather. Fish do too!

Dry Fly Report

Good out there in the morning sometimes. Not everyday but you can find a few up on midge in the am. The afternoons have been getting better by the day. Yesterday and the day before have been really quite good for anglers all the way from the dam to Pelican Point. Cascade maybe too? I have not heard or been down there in about a week so no reports of the dry fly, but I gotta imagine some action on th efloaty fly there as well.

Cripple patterns are awesome. Always here on the Mo. Adams for me or the purple versions have been producing. Some fish eat it readily and others just let it pass on by. I get that. Lots. Emergers, CDC patterns, ones you can see are always in style. Droppers have been OK,but not the daily savior as they sometimes can be. The dry alone has been producing better numbers.

Soft water, inside runs, tailouts, upper insides. Splashy fish in the middle on some sunken islands too. You will see them. They are out there!


Status Quo. Worms, sows, scuds, pink, red, PT’s, Little Green Machine, Indigo Child, Red Headed Step Child, Pearl LB, slender mayfly patterns, Frenchie’s Peep Shows, Zebras…

Some as deep as 7 1/2′ to split shot. Some keeping it about 6′. Insides, and some better looking water too as the water temps climb daily.

Status Quo fellers. Come by the shop and let us help you in this endeavor. We have the info and free coffee too. Open daily at 7am. Your first stop on the Missouri River.

Swingers and Strippers

Good out there some days. Check out the flies on Braden’s post from yesterday. And the contest. Submit your favorite spring streamer pattern and win some cool gear from Headhunters.

Some bigger flows out there may keep you guessing. Tossing it at the bank and stripping can be effective. Fish the insides too. Some real good 18″ water on that other side!

Get out on those aforementioned sunken islands and have at ‘er. A good time to be a swinger. Book a swinging guide to help you out if you need to go to the next level. We have the staff to accommodate you in that fashion. Education is a strong part of our game.

Come by for demo rods if you want to get involved in the Trout Spey arena. Your Montana source for all things Trout Spey. Just check out our 2 handed Fly Line selection. Hundreds of lines to choose from.

Headhunters Fly Shop

Open early for you coffee and info needs. Izaak’s of Craig open daily ‘cept Mondays. UMOWA guide get together tonight at the Trout Shop Cafe. 6pm for any industry folks and guides that want to learn about how to help our river. Spring Special for the remainder of the week. Call us up if you want a $350 guide trip. Full retail May 1st.

Think about getting your summer trip finalized as guide and lodging availability evaporate as the spring continues. Book the trip you deserve this summer. Dry fly mania use and July. Not too early to get your fall trip lined out either. October and November…

Enjoy the reminder of the week here on the Mo. Rain, overcast, snow, some wind…and dry flies.


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