Friday Foto Missouri River Net Job

Friday Foto Missouri River Net Job & Weekend Tips!

Friday Foto Missouri River Net Job

Guide Ben Hardy netting this one up with guests Mary and Kevin straight outta Michigan.

Their first trip to the Mo with friends Betsy and Charlie. Both families are in the golf business. They wanted to get out and fish a bit before the summer consumes them.

We suggest you do the dame. Book a guide this month and enjoy the Mo river.

But, if want solace the high water around the state has not helped you my fishy friends. Lots of anglers around from around the state as the Mighty Mo is one of the only clean water outlets.

So, wait for the water to recede around this great fishy state of Montana and then come on out.

Friday Foto Missouri River Net JobMissouri River Higher Water Tips

  • Flows are at 7630cfs. Higher than you may like. But we love it, live with it, and try to learn it. You should do the same.
  • 6’+ is the distance from bobber to split shot. A “B” or “BB” is the right split shot. Gotta get it down to the fish for them to see the bait. If they don’t see it, they don’t eat it. Pretty simple concept here. But as anglers we forget that the trout participate in the equation.
  • Speaking of that equation…perfect drifts catch trout. Shitty drifts don’t get much play. And, we can only control a few of the variables. Depth, drift, fly, placement. The rest of them are up tot the Missouri River trout. Minding is important. Not bad mends. Good mends are better.

A good mend is an investment in your drift!

  • Caddis Pupa, Ninch’s Bubble Yum, Arnold’s Sili Scud, Grape Slushy’s, Weight Flies, Worms, Scuds, Sows, larger PT’s are all good top flies. Think attractor! Oh, the Raibow Czech nymph or Amex too!
  • LGM, smaller mayfly patterns i.e. Peep Show, Frenchie’s, Rainbow Warriors, and a plethora of kick-ass mini mayfly cuties are in vogue. Or a Tailwater Sowbug, Ray Charles, Firebead anything.
  • Deep is the morning trick. Shallow can be the afternoon program if there are bugs out there.
  • Have not heard any good reports about the streamer bite, but then again some of those fellers don’t talk much. Swingers getting a few if they can find the water to stand in.
  • Dry fly fans? A couple fish out there. Look hard. If you find one you can generally get it. But the blind fishing bite has been less than spectacular. Nevertheless it is a great way to pass the sunny afternoon shooting lasers at the bank. Fun times. You only need one two footer to make the week right?
  • Rocking here in Craig. Busy. May is upon us. The rest of the state is blown. Will they come back into shape? Maybe. Or it could be done. If you want a fly shop the Trout Shop is for sale for 4.5 mil. You in?
  • The best fly selection in the entire canyon including enough free information for you to choke on. The friendly fly shop in downtown Craig Montana.
  • Wash you boat at our always open boat wash adjacent to the Craig Casting Club. Demo rods and rental waders. Rental Boats too for those who do not like to wade in higher water. We got your back my fishy friends. See you soon!

For the up to the minute report give the shop a call anytime 7-8 daily. Headhunters Fly Shop and Guide Service is your information source for all things Missouri River.

Friday Foto Missouri River Net Job

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  • My Own Party
    May 12, 2017 12:37 pm

    If Trout Shop is going for 4.5 Million you guys should hold out for 10 Mil!

  • I have been fishing the river multiple times per year, for 25 years, driving 6 hrs each way pulling my boat.
    Of all the fly shops i have visited and worked, i appreciate Headhunters most for the no bull shit reports.
    Thank you
    Sticky Ferule

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