Higher Ground Missouri River Water Rising

Higher Ground. Missouri River Water Rising

Coming up today, this morning (order not shown) to nearly 8000 cfs and tomorrow morning to the 8500 cfs range.

Yep spring in Montana with some snow in the hills.

I predicted it would come back down in May before the runoff period got going in earnest.

Squeeky is/was Wrong!

Headhunters Weekend Quick Hits
Craig Caddis Festival and BBQ Cook-Off May 20th

Guess I would not make it as a weather forecaster, water manager, fishing god…but I still qualify for a fishing guide?! I think.

So get out those bobber and don your waders ’cause it is coming. Will it continue to come and will we see it rise beyond the mid 8K level in the near future?

I guess yes. But my propensity to be wrong has already been established. Mother Nature is the one who will make that decision. And the water managers at DNRC.

I have been fishing 7 1/2 feet from bobber to split with a “B” shot. Others about 6 foot with a “BB” shot. This equation will change now. Fishing off of the inside shelf line will get you some trouts. Fishing towards the banks with a shorter rig will also get you some trouts. Dry fly fishing may not work, but why not try. Anglers are always willing to try something that may not work. Lots of fish have been caught experimenting.

As I mentioned in previous fishing reports and blogs there are some filks around. Go against the grain and run contrary to them. Think about the norm and go the other direction. As long as it is deep man.

Sun and rain and snow and wind are all in the forecast for the coming week. Pack accordingly.

Caddis Festival 1 week from today. Get your party and donating pocketbook ready for the Craig spring festival all benefitting the Craig Volunteer Fire Department!

Fish, or enjoy RHCP on Letterman in 1990 performing the Stevie Wonder hit Higher Ground from album Mother’s Milk. Saw this tour in Seattle at the Moore Theater. Sick! I kept my shirt on though…




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  • Brian Bennett
    May 15, 2017 3:44 pm

    23 fish to the boat on Friday. 13 on a #16 elkhair caddis with a peacock body. The rest were on numerous different nymp rigs. One fish on a red San Juan. Great day.

  • We always have a tinge of anxiety when booking our trip to the MO.
    Trying to guess if Mother Nature is going to cooperate with her stream flows, wind,
    Hatch timing. We look to the experts at Head Hunters for the answers.
    In the end, We always have a successful enjoyable fishing experience. Never been disappointed
    When using the pros at H Hunters.

    • Braden Lewis
      May 17, 2017 3:03 pm

      Thanks Al! Flows are up, but we’re still catching plenty of fish. With a little more than a month to go before your arrival, it’s hard to say what the flows will look like then. It’s nice to see the river getting a good flush this spring! We’ll see you folks soon!

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