March 2nd Montana Fishing Report

March 2nd Montana Fishing Report

Lots of trout spey fishing going on these days. Nymphing too. Others out for the big kill dry fly fishing.

All having some success. Those swinging certainly have had the most consistent bite. A fellow in the shop today all the way from Minnesota who showed up after taking a drive to Craig for the week. He said “Had a little time on my hands so I drove out to the Missouri River. Thought you guys could help a guy into a few fish on the swing.”

True story. Yep. We can help you out. And so it starts. He is taking a guide trip this week too. Getting his legs under him and will be enjoying the swing on foot for the remainder of the week.

Our guides are nearly ready to get into the game. Nearly a guide trip out every day this last week and it will only gain momentum as we get our teeth into March. Remember the $350 rate starts March 15th!

Nymphing Report

PINK is still the game. All the regular stuff with big pink scuds leading the way. Firebeads are on fire. PT’s gaining strength. Midges becoming wildly popular. Worms are always a good winter choice.

The faster mid speed water is turning on. Water temps still chilly but the trout are becoming interested early this year in more than just the slow inside runs. Look for trout in both. Slow, medium slow and medium. Not a bad idea to look in mid depth water too. Try it!

Dry Fly Report

Getting better. Sort of. The final hour is the best. The most consistent. The rest of the time look for the stereotypical dry fly water and watch. Singles are the most common insect so far. Clusters sometimes but not everyday. Upper and lower river seems to be the key for that dry fly thang.

Dozens of midge patterns at the shop. Clusters, singles, cripples, emerges, still borns, duns, transitional duns…that sort of thing. The best in flies at Headhunters.

Streamer Fishing Report

The strippers are telling us the fish are awaking up. Tugs, nibbles, looks, nudges…and grabs. All of those events will happen on your streamer fishing journey. Let us help you out when fishing the MO. Need a new streamer line? We got your back. Lines from RIO, Airflo, Wulff, OPST…literally better than 20 streamer lines to choose from. Tip length, sink rate, lines for chucking big articulated patterns, and lake applications too. We got ’em all.

Broken record report here with streamer suggestions. Buggers are king.. Clousers are killing it. Love the leech. Do the Dali Lama. Strip the Skiddish Smolt. Come for the Coffey’s Minnow.

Missouri River Streamflows, Temps, and Weekend Weather

Missouri River stream flows are 3690cfs. Pretty standard for the last several months. Still holding water at the 3 dams above us. Well Canyon Ferry to be exact. The other two are run of the river dams.

Water temps are holding int he mid 36 range. One day this week it reached 37F. Still winter for the most part. While the ice is coming off above the dam it is still pretty cold.

Weekend weather looks like more of the un-seasonable early spring pattern. Highs in the lower 60’s. Light winds. Perfect. See you here for another brilliant early spring weekend. Call for losing.

Headhunters Fly Shop & Guide Service

Open daily at 8am. Shuttles, lodging, guide trips, boat rentals, flies, SIMMS, Sage, RIO, OPST, Echo, Airflo, Abel, Galvan, Hatch, Orvis, Howler Bros, HH Logo Wear, Smith, Costa, Fishermans’ Eyewear, Just Add Vise…and the best damn customer service on the MO!

Look forward to seeing you this weekend for the best in winter/spring fishing Montana style.

March 2nd Montana Fishing Report
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