Memorial Day 2019

Memorial Day 2019

We remember those who gave their lives for our freedom.

We have always honored our veterans and active duty soldiers in all military branches.

Headhunters includes veterans and active duty soldiers in our annual giving regimen.

But today, we bow our heads and think of those who have fallen. Here and overseas. We honor and remember them in our hearts and minds.

Thanks you men ad women who have passed in the line of duty.

Thank You.

God Bless America!, Memorial Day 2019, Military, Veterans
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  • FlyFinaticLou
    May 28, 2019 2:20 pm

    Seems like at every turn I see a Sporting Org. helping Veterans . . . concerned a bit now! Too much of a good thing? I’m a Retired Navy Vet. (1983-’04), and never noticed this before or during my Endeavor! Wonderful video, thanks. Fly fishing is my passion, has been since about 12, off & on, then mostly ON in early 30’s (68 now). Video makes me want to move to MT. (from Spokane). Darn State income taxes. Fished out of Ennis & Craig last year (6 weeks total), best time I’ve had in a Long Time. Kinda wish now I had planned a return trip to Craig, but this years Bucket List had Dillon on it (mid July>Aug.), but I may try to book something in next few days for very end of August-Sept.)? Love to swing the wets. If I had one wish that wish would be for every person be able to “live in a Veterans Active duty shoes,” just one “eventful day”. I believe the World would be a much better place if that could happen. Well, just a little reminiscing going on . . . thanks again for YOUR thoughtful support. Friends (on the river) call me FlyFInaticLou

    • Fly Fanatic Lou. YEs swinging softies is pretty good in late September. Even Mid month if the Pseudo’s are in play! And we have room for you in Craig Lou! But just a stones throw from Spokane anyway..See you soon Lou. And have a great time in Dillon. Great fishing down there!

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