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Mid February Fly Fishing Report Montana’s Missouri River

Mid February Fly Fishing Report Montana’s Missouri River

Fished yesterday with HH Guide Shane Wilson and friend Adam Craig to Stickney. Had a great time. Fished a couple hours. Not hard. Social yes, fishing yes, lots of fishing energy, no.

A short fishing session with air temp 22F, calm, partly overcast. Breeze came up from the SW about half way to Stickney. Then we moved pretty quickly to the Stickney Ramp.

Almost got stuck on the ramp. 4WD engaged. If it were not for the couple patches of concrete showing through, we would still be there. A reminder to check boat tamps before heading out. A stop in the fly can can help, or not. At least fill your coffee cup before braving the winter waters.

Nymphing yesterday. Pink flies. 6′ to split, and pink. 4 Whitefish to hand. One small one. 3 monsters. Shane broke the only trout from his line with a very hard and decisive hook set. Then he said “Oh, the indicator came off. Oh wait, no, I broke him off and the indicator is swimming towards the bottom.

Fished only the A+ spots. 4 in total.

Shane guided this past week as well and stated that he believed it to be difficult fishing. Some fish in some spots. Fished best from 2-4pm. The dam not too good, but could have been time of day. WC to Craig section was better. Again, time of day seemed to play a role in that day.

Deep. Pink. Repeat.

The streamer bite has been strong for the winter. A couple reports from guides and guests that sounds pretty good. Again, deep and slow, moving the fly slowly, not quickly, but still with contact to the fly. Patterns? Leechy sort fo stuff. Sink tips yes!

The midge fishing is hit and miss. Traditionally the midge begin to show this the of the month. Some years good, most not too good. This could be the year. Yessir. I’m gonna do my Midge Fishing Jig here at the house today to get this thing started! And you? I suggest you help as well. Do the jig in your office.

Water temps are in the 35F range. Water flows at 5K. Shop open daily 8-5. Lodging available with a winter discount. Spring Special Guide Trips start March 15th with $400 Guide Trips. Swing trips available now. Nymphing now too. Strippers welcome.

Come on out this weekend. We’ll put the morning coffee on.

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