Mid June Weekend Missouri River Fishing Report

Mid June Weekend Missouri River Fishing Report

Mid June Weekend Missouri River Fishing Report

Only the hits for this weekend update fishing report from Headhunters of Craig Montana. Make sure you swing in while in Downton Craig open daily.

  • Flows 4750cfs
  • Water temps 53-56F
  • PMD’s. Yup. The primary for the upcoming week or so. Then the Caddis join the party. Cripples are King. Early in the hatch and the fish are not as wise as they will be in July.
  • The first time you show the fish the fly, is the best opportunity to have the fish try to bite it. If the fish sees it swinging by, or dragging, he will be less apt to bite it in the next 29 drifts. Don’t show the enemy your weapon until it is the. Think about it, watch them, do some practice casts off of the trout before you attack. Of corse, way more on this as the dry fly months have arrived.
  • Caddis. Some. 14 and 16’s, tan. Para Caddis for the beginning. Downwind patterns work best here on the Mo.
  • Best Flies Under the Big Sky at HH Fly Shop.
  • Shuttles, flies, SIMMS, Skwala Fishing, Sage, Howler Bros, NRS, HH logo gear galore, Orvis, Sage, ACR, Loomis, Galvan, Hatch, NRS Rafts for sale 120D $5200 showroom special, and sunscreen, Buff’s, sunshades from Smith, Costa, and more.
  • CraigLodging.com hosting Craig Trout Camp
  • Nymphers loving PMD nymphs. Not so deep at 4′. Split or not and fish some of those cool center river runs.
  • All reaches fishing well. Dam to Cascade. Get out early, or get out late. In the midst of them all, you may feel crowded. It is busy. It is peak season. Respect others, give anglers and boatman and bank anglers space. Definitely the bank anglers. And the bank anglers goods understand that it is a small river right now and boats may get near you. Those hangers in said boats could politely stop the cast when near bank anglers. Be polite. It is good to do. Better for your constitution.
  • BWO’s all but done. A good run for the spring mayfly of record hatching and fishable through the first week of June. Good stuff. Come again next year. We welcome you with open fly boxes of CDC Baetis.We can only hope the fall BWO hatch will be better than the previous 10 years!
  • Ants. Yes. Big Adams? Sure.
  • Dearborn River 318cfs. Water temps good. Floatable. Fishable.

Enjoy the weekend ahead. We wish all of your the best, be safe, fish kindly.


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  • Nice fish. i know it’s fishing there now and soon to explode. Have a great new season. Fishing here has been outrageous. Many and large.

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