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Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 3.23.14

Looks like a better week coming at us. We are moving from snow and 30’s to sun and 40’s to rain and 50’s.

You like apples?

Tumultuous and wonderful all in the same breath.

Fishing? Good. Folks wandering around in all reaches of the Missouri and finding success. Where is your favorite run? You can pick and choose.

You like the lower? Do it. You like the Dam? Do that. You like the shadows of the canyon? Get in there.

Your best bet is your best bet.

Sunday and all is well. Continued anglers crawling out of their winter caves and finding Craig Montana as their temporary fishing release daily. Some come for the weekend. Some come for the week.

Just one question.

When you comin’?

The weather is the key for you comfort. If you don’t like Montana in the winter or the spring…don’t come.

If you like trout fishing before the pressure increases then come now.

We have cabins, guides, and a spot for you.

Check out the forecast and plan accordingly.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 3.23.14

For those who fish here is the latest on the latest…Nymphing heating up as the water temps reach to the 37F mark., Seems like every one degree higher the mercury creeps the fish just get hotter. And in such chilly watery conditions. 37F is good. 38F is better. How abotu 40F. Watch out.

Next thing you know there will be baetis littering the surface of Mother Mo.

You may want to come for that. In the mean time we are waiting for the Midge Explosion 2014. Not here yet. Damnit. Maybe this week. Maybe. We’ll let you know about two days after it happens…that is when it will register. The first day can be an anomaly and those who are here get first whack at them. Just how it goes man.

So how goes your addiction. Are you ready to come, or will you wait for the BWO’s? The Midge? The Skwala? The Caddis in May? Or are you a PMD man?

Everybody has their weakness.

If you happen to be on your way, in your car, following this blog closely then you should be aware of the current conditions.


Water temps are in the 37F range and will move upwards this week. A couple strong temps days in the hi 50’s will move it more rapidly. But in time. Anything worthwhile is worth waiting for. Patience.

Still not too fantastic a dry fly bite. Although they are near the surface in some slack ass backwater areas. You can toss it out and wait. Some trout may find it attractive, edible. Start looking more this week. It really is about time. The mid month mark is generally the front end. Some years it comes early, earlier. But in reality not by much. Too cold, the water temps this winter.

Swingers are attaching tips and getting a bit deeper. Come in for suggestions and reminders that the water is a bit deeper. Careful wading to some of those islands you have become comfortable visiting. Be aware the water is up. Flows are 6340cfs at press time.

Tributaries are clean and clear and no problems there.

Shuttles daily, shop open at 8am, free coffee, don’t mind our construction we are always open for you the Missouri River angler.

Thanks for your support the previous 6 years. We appreciate you as a customer. Come by and say hello.


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