Wednesday Missouri River Montana Fishing Report

Wednesday Missouri River Montana Fishing Report

Damn good dry fly fishing. Most of the anglers I saw on Tuesday were toying with the dry fly.

Good on them. Wednesday should be the same, with less wind. The wind came up about noon yesterday scaring most of the anglers into an early departure. Saving up their arm strength for a great Wednesday.

A spinner fall to beat all spinner falls as well yesterday. Fish were caught using cripples, spinners, and emergers. Caddis too. A smaller X-Caddis was a pretty good choice as of late. Cron Fed was back on line too. Skitterig caddis patterns have been known to get a reaction as well. The Outrigger? Oh, so very good. CDC and Elk? Sick my friend.

Sally’s on the lower canyon run. Drakes should be around this week. Some Callibaetis in the air too. Bugs are out.

Seasonal temperatures for the coming week. Hi’s in the upper 70’s ¬†with some wind. Thunderstorms this weekend with temps in the 60’s?

Flows at 4240 cfs. The Canyon Ferry Reservoir is full. We will have a constant summer and fall flow of at least 4100 cfs. That is good. More.. More is still better. 5K and above is better.

Water temps are 55F-60F. Buggy here in Craig. Not the mosquito kind.

A really nice time to be here for sure. The non-local locals are here as well.

You want to hook more trout? Watch this video. Then execute.

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  • Mark, between this video and the recently-posted Blackfoot video, I keep getting chills watching you cast. A lesson or two from you is now on the Bucket List. Damn.

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